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PS4 pre-orders placed from August 6, 2013 are not guaranteed to arrive at the European launch later this year, Sony has confirmed.

ShopTo reports that Sony has issued this cut off date to all European retailers stocking the PS4, but suggests that units may be freed by customers cancelling their orders.

A quick check on confirms ShopTo's stock warning.

The PS4 product page now includes a note titled, "PlayStation 4 Stock Update" which reads: "Please note--due to high demand, orders placed for this PlayStation 4 console from August 6 may be received after release date. We will ship orders as soon as we receive sufficient inventory."

The PS4 will launch in the UK priced £349.99, but it still without a confirmed date. Analysis

Are you regretting having not placed a pre-order for a PS4, or are you happy to wait and see how the next generation pans out before committing to a platform?

Source: ShopTo

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BenRawR's Avatar

BenRawR@ tvr77

(PLEASE would everybody start correctly referring to it as) The Playstation Camera is priced at £45, worth noting that this addition is still less than an Xbone with Kinect.
It's unlikely they'll have a bundle with it until after release date, in which will be a move controller or two and possibly a navigation controller.
I love my move, but nothing's really worked amazingly well with it apart from sports champions, which all my friends love. Virtual Frisbee golf is also an amazing ice breaker at the start of a party :D
Posted 01:55 on 08 August 2013
tvr77's Avatar


I did my pre order about 7 weeks ago but i was willing to cancel if a better option or bundle came along, now i'm not so sure id be gutted if i cancelled for a different option and lost out totally on launch day.

Has there been any word on a suspected price for the new PSeye, id like one of those too.
Posted 14:58 on 07 August 2013
reynoldio's Avatar

reynoldio@ vivster

I did pre-order, but would seriously consider a PSEye bundle were there one, so not sure where I stand. I want one though, so am glad I did pre-order.
Posted 14:49 on 07 August 2013
vivster's Avatar


I'm getting a bit worried now. The reason i haven't yet preordered is that there are still no official bundles announced. A bundle with a PSeye or PSVita would be cool.
Question is how long will the later deliveries be delayed? Days? weeks?
Posted 13:10 on 07 August 2013
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