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At launch the PS4 will support the use of real names or an online handle which allows users to remain anonymous, Sony has confirmed to Kotaku.

The choice to use a real name is optional, and something which won't available at the launch of the Xbox One, but is something Microsoft hopes to implement down the line.

Sony says that those who choose to use their real name on PS4 will still be able to utilise a handle when playing online games if they choose.

PS4 launches in the UK on November 29. Analysis

The use of real names is commonplace on social networks such as Facebook, but there has been some concern that using such a policy in the online gaming space will lead to increased online bullying.

Source: Kotaku

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Hahah Mc Loving... what movie was that?
Posted 20:45 on 24 October 2013
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Freekill@ TheFirePriest

I take it once you put your name in, it is locked. They would not ban people for those names because they are real names.
Posted 14:26 on 24 October 2013
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I wonder if there will be obscenity filters on 'real' names? If not ... people will take the piss. If so ... I wonder if some people will inadvertantly have their names banned for being obscene? (ie Dick, Babs, Johnson, etc)
Posted 13:59 on 24 October 2013
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Can't wait to use the name Mc Loving :P
Posted 13:41 on 24 October 2013
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Xbox1 comes with a plug,PS4 releases with two plugs(just in case and it makes us look better)stop it the pair of you before I bang your heads together
Posted 12:44 on 24 October 2013
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