ps4 controller1 -
ps4 controller1 -

PlayStation 4 is "first and foremost a video game console", Sony president Kaz Hirai has stressed, assuring gamers that the console is aimed squarely at them amidst the ongoing Xbox One controversy.

Speaking at the D11 conference yesterday (as reported by The Verge), Hirai said that "the most important thing we need to do is agree and understand that the PS4 is a great video game console that appeals to video gamers.

"If we miss that part, I don't think we get the initial establishment of the console. That formula has worked for us with all our consoles, including the PS3."

Hirai's words come amidst the ongoing concerns and criticism aimed at Microsoft's 'All-in-One' Xbox One, whose announcement event was criticised by gamers for its TV-heavy approach.

As with PlayStation 3, though, PS4 will continue to provide non-video games content, Hirai confirmed, presumably including services like Netflix and Sony's music streaming service Music Unlimited.

"Providing other non-game content is an area we will reveal and talk about in the coming months, but it's first and foremost a video game console."

Sony will unveil the first look at its PlayStation 4 hardware during its E3 press conference on Tuesday, June 11 at 2am BST.

Source: The Verge

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Karlius's Avatar

Karlius@ Endless

That's a really interesting comment! Enjoyed reading it.
Posted 10:04 on 05 June 2013
Endless's Avatar


One thing I'll be interested in is how much freedom WIn8 App developers might have on the system. Something that was glossed over in the presentation was that, because of the Windows 8 shell employed in the background, that WIn 8 apps would work on it.

There could be some really nice tools, utilities and such made for it. Including home screen widgets which make Windows Phone and Android's home screens more useful than on iOS. I dont like rigid menu structures like the XMB, I actually really like the metro interface and Windows phone and having the flexibility those platforms offer on the XBone could be a real boon for developers wanting to add that little something extra to their games.
Posted 13:41 on 03 June 2013
Karlius's Avatar

Karlius@ tvr77

Nonsense the PS3 was a media console from day one and included the Blu Ray player to push Sony's new HD product. So the statement about not working with other parts of the company was a joke.

Their biggest mistake with PS3 was that it was designed by committee to best leverage the Sony brand. They did not consult the industry and that's why there were a lot of ticked off developers at launch.

This is why the turnaround on architecture for the PS4 was such a big deal it was Sony's way of saying sorry for the PS3 to the industry.

I don't blame either company for peddling their wares in these fickle times where there is no brand loyalty and people look for the best deal then the companies have to look to gain the largest target group to aim their products at.

Sony went first and talked directly to the gamer as they knew that's who would be watching, I can guarantee there will be a huge part of E3 and beyond that talks about the Media capabilities of the PS3. MS second and stirred up a media frenzy by showing off the entertainment elements and some games to a mass market gaining more media coverage. We saw how powerful this kind of marketing was with the Wii. However in doing this alienated the Gaming community so come E3 Microsoft will be all about the games with a smaller portion aimed at Media.

Both manufacturers will try to one up the other with different bells and whistles. It's just the way this works.

I for one am looking forward to E3 to see more insight into the capabilities of both consoles!!
Posted 08:24 on 03 June 2013
tvr77's Avatar

tvr77@ Karlius

"Let us not forget the strap line of the PS3 through out all this nonsense. "It only does everything"

There saying that gaming comes first, there slogan "it only does everything" is a bonus.
Posted 20:53 on 31 May 2013
mcnasty72's Avatar


I'm not a console gamer but from what I knew about the PS3, replaceable hard drive, replace OS, great media player, blu ray complaint device it seem to be a "media device" without trying. I think MS saw this tried to "one up" Sony. This is the problem, Sony runs more like a Japanese company where each division is really a separate entity sharing naming only. At Microsoft you can see how interweaved the company is as they continue to push the Windows 8 methodology across all divisions of the company. This causes divisions to get away from their core competencies and you end up with a gaming console that is clearly focused at becoming a set top box media device. This is more of a problem of our America business theories that that being taught in colleges and universities. Its from the perspective of control where ideals flow down from the top, instead allowing each division be its own organic entity and allow it to runs as the experts in those fields see fit. MS should have allow the XBOX company to create the next gaming console and leverage other components of the MS technology portfolio as they saw fit. Instead the Windows 8 integrated media set top box was the base handed down from up on high and the XBOX added a gaming console to that....
Posted 14:50 on 31 May 2013
Karlius's Avatar


Let us not forget the strap line of the PS3 through out all this nonsense. "It only does everything", Nothing wrong with that at all. But they marketed the Console as MS is marketing their XBOX One console now.

However the PS3 was first and foremost a gaming console with extras but lets not forget it had a very weak line up of games for the first year or so. That's not saying the games were bad just low in quantity. So we shouldn't crucify anyone here until we see the games at E3. Both machines are looking good in my eyes from the games we have seen.

All I know is Wii U is dead long live Nintendo!!
Posted 11:30 on 31 May 2013
DancingRhino's Avatar


I dunno. It would be nice if it could make cheese toasties too..
Posted 10:33 on 31 May 2013
wowtgp's Avatar


That's what I like to hear as a hardcore gamer.
Posted 10:29 on 31 May 2013
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