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Update: Sony has clarified the comments made by Tretton, stating the PS4 is not designed to lock disc-based games.

Original story: Sony may have just shot itself in the foot after revealing DRM on the PlayStation 4 is entirely in the hands of the game publishers.

The platform holder was cheered last night after it appeared to take a huge step into winning over gamers by stating it would not place restrictive DRM on PS4 titles, but it appears this only applies to first-party games.

Quizzed on the matter of DRM by GameTrailers, Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO Jack Tretton said: "We create the platform. We've certainly stated that our first party games are not going to be doing that, but we welcome publishers and their business models to our platform.

"There's going to be free-to-play, there's going to be every potential business model on there. And again that's up to their relationship with the consumer."

Asked again about DRM he added: "We're not going to dictate that. We're going to give them a platform to publish on."

"The DRM decision is going to have to be in the hands of the third parties – that's not something we're going to dictate or control or mandate or implement." Analysis

Should third-parties such as EA and Activision opt for strict DRM on its Xbox One titles it may well be the case that the same will apply on PS4. Expect this to rumble on for some time to come.

Source: GameTrailers Live

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It's actually not such a big deal according to this

The DRM only refers to playing games online so it's basically the same as it is now with online passes.
Posted 20:08 on 11 June 2013
Batmamerc's Avatar


For companies like activision and ea it doesn't really apply as most of their games are online orientated anyway so you already need to be connected but its companies like ubisoft that still focus on single player that will cause us problems as I've been playing far cry 3 offline for over a month (because of a problem with my internet the irony) and it hasn't affected me but if I wanted to play cod or battlefield online I already know I have to connect so doesn't currently matter, I hope that the third parties realise that we are the people buying there games and playing there games and any subsequent dlc so no need for drm
Posted 20:00 on 11 June 2013

pblive@ Tereus

Very different to Microsoft.

From IGN: "Publishers of PS4 games, then, can do what's already done on existing PlayStation software: Limit or lock content behind online passes or redemption codes (or opt out of restrictions altogether), which differs from Microsoft's limited licensing of Xbox One software."
Posted 19:53 on 11 June 2013
Tereus's Avatar


so its basically the same as Microsofts drm. welp. that evens things out.
Posted 19:52 on 11 June 2013


It's a whole different thing, though, surely?

Xbox DRM comes in part from having to install games to disc for every title, PS4 doesn't do this, so the only way they'd be able to use DRM is through some sort of online pass as far as I can see, unless they can write something on the disc and check it online, but then they can do this on current consoles if they wanted to.
Posted 19:49 on 11 June 2013
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