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Amazon can no longer guarantee that any orders placed for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One from today will arrive in time for Christmas.

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In an update on the retailer's website, Amazon said that "customers who pre-order [PlayStation 4] from November 14 will receive their consoles after Christmas".

Those who pre-ordered between August 7 and November 13 will receive their console before Christmas, although the retailer doesn't offer any indication as to when this may be.

Everybody who pre-ordered prior to August 7 will receive their PS4 at launch on November 29.

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Meanwhile, orders placed for Xbox One "from November 13 may not be delivered before Christmas." Orders between August 15 and November 12 will be delivered prior to Christmas, with orders placed before August 15 arriving in time for launch.

Amazon is, however, offering a FIFA 14 Special Edition Xbox One console for pre-order on its release day. The retailer doesn't say whether the £449.99 console will be available on November 22, though, or whether it's due to launch at a later date.

Xbox One and PS4 are still available to pre-order in time for Christmas at other retailers, including GAME.

Xbox One launches in the UK on November 22 with PlayStation 4 following one week later on November 29.


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looks like queues on the streets for some people
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