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Mortal Kombat X: X-Rated Fun

Mortal Kombat X is a (potentially) good video game...

1 Publish date 11:18am at 22 Aug 2014

Destiny launch trailer arrives over two weeks before launch

Game's out September 9.

Publish date 10:49am at 22 Aug 2014

Two free multiplayer maps coming for The Last of Us PS3 & PS4

DLC to be released for free to make up for multiplayer issues.

Publish date 9:55am at 22 Aug 2014

The White PS4 is now a lot cheaper

Grab it with a copy of Destiny for just £349.99.

Publish date 9:00am at 22 Aug 2014

Watch Dogs' latest title update finally lets you hack your friends

Patch 1.03 rolling out today in Europe and America.

3 Publish date 8:07pm at 21 Aug 2014

Minecon 2015 targets London

Nothing concrete just yet.

2 Publish date 5:08pm at 21 Aug 2014

High Moon Studios confirmed as 360/PS3 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare developer

Deadpool dev finally confirmed to be handling last-gen port.

Publish date 4:15pm at 21 Aug 2014

Eden Hazard is the FIFA 15 UK cover star

Chelsea attacker joins Messi on Brit box.

1 Publish date 9:03am at 21 Aug 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - The return of the king

BioWare is aiming to make amends for the hit-and-miss Dragon Age 2.

Publish date 1:04pm at 21 Aug 2014

Project CARS & Rise of the Tomb Raider pre-orders spike following Gamescom

But it's Wii U titles that see biggest pre-order increase on average.

1 Publish date 12:05pm at 21 Aug 2014

Metal Gear Solid 5's multiplayer will be revealed this Thursday

UPDATE: 1080p/60fps multiplayer footage available now.

1 Publish date 10:53am at 19 Aug 2014

Metro Redux Xbox One achievements stack across retail and digital, meaning you could earn 4000G

Double up on achievements by playing both versions.

Publish date 10:19am at 21 Aug 2014

Minecraft: PS4 Edition's August release in doubt following certification issue

Sony found issues which 4J Studios must fix before going through the process again.

Publish date 9:52am at 21 Aug 2014

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare isn't coming to Wii U

This year's COD to skip Wii U, Sledgehammer confirms.

3 Publish date 4:30pm at 20 Aug 2014

EA Sports Season Ticket will stop being sold in March 2015

Price reduced as EA winds down early access service.

Publish date 3:12pm at 20 Aug 2014
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