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David Cage: 'I remember how scared we were'

The Quantic Dream boss reflects on his gambles with Heavy Rain, the inspiration for Beyond, and the future of his studio.

Publish date 4:24pm at 23 Aug 2012

Sony's Jim Ryan: PlayStation is getting ready to unleash its power

The CEO and president of SCEE discusses Sony's keynote, the Vita's performance, and why the PS3 is just getting started.

2 Publish date 2:32pm at 26 Jun 2012

How Final Fantasy XIV plans to win back its audience

We speak to Final Fantasy XIV Online's producer Naoki Yoshida about how he thinks the controversial game will fare this year, plans for the game's subscription model, and what will happen for the MMO on console.

Publish date 2:14pm at 14 Feb 2012

How the Last Guardian's producer left for casual games

With the recent news of Yoshifusa Hayama's exit from The Last Guardian, we speak at length with the studio he's moved to - Bossa Studios - about the future of the company, their latest Facebook game Monstermind, and why open platforms are the future.

5 Publish date 5:04pm at 13 Dec 2011

Why going F2P 'made sense' for DC Universe Online

We talk to SOE's executive director of development Lorin Jameson about why it's taken so long to go free-to-play, and whether subscriptions are still relevant.

Publish date 3:32pm at 25 Nov 2011

Is there going to be an Avatar of 3D games?

We ask Sony executive Mick Hocking to look back on what Sony had accomplished with 3D in the last 12 months, but to also let us know what the company intends to do going forward.

1 Publish date 12:00pm at 22 Jul 2011

Why Sony believes 3D is here to stay

SCEE's Mike Hocking chats about everything 3D.

17 Publish date 2:10pm at 27 Aug 2010

PlayStation Move: Not just another Wii

Sony's senior researcher Richard Marks on the imminent motion controller.

5 Publish date 12:53pm at 27 Jul 2010

Massive interview with Insomniac!

Part one of Insomniac's most revealing interview yet!

2 Publish date 1:44pm at 26 Oct 2009

Steve Polge on Epic's future plans

News on potential single-player Unreal, Gears of War 2 PC and great looking UE3 games.

4 Publish date 4:13pm at 26 Feb 2009

Gran Turismo creator talks to

Damage modeling, weather effects, Home, Gran Turismo PSP and more.

9 Publish date 9:15am at 04 Apr 2008

Naughty Dog talks Uncharted

Evan Wells discusses Uncharted and what lies ahead of Naughty Dog.

3 Publish date 11:00am at 21 Jan 2008

Insomniac Games talks to

Insomniac's Chief Creative Officer Brian Hastings discusses the power of the PS3 and new IPs.

Publish date 2:56pm at 16 Nov 2007

Phil Harrison on PS3 Home and future PS3 development

SCE's main man talks to Pro-G about the company's big GDC announcements.

6 Publish date 9:56am at 12 Mar 2007

Rayman Raving Rabbids Q&A with Michel Ancel

Ubisoft has released a Rayman Raving Rabbids Q&A with Michel Ancel; Wii development is top of the bill.

2 Publish date 10:43am at 24 May 2006
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