pokemon 2ds1 -
pokemon 2ds1 -

A series of special edition Nintendo 2DS consoles are heading to Europe next month to celebrate the arrival of the classic Pokemon titles on Nintendo 3DS.

Arriving on February 27, the 2DS consoles include a pre-installed Virtual Console version of Pokemon Red, Blue or Yellow, and are themed around each game's particular colour. You can check out all three of them in the image above.

The bundles also include 15 stickers and a code to download a theme, which you can use to customise your 2DS further. A price for each bundle has yet to be confirmed.

Already got a Nintendo 2DS or 3DS? You'll be able to download Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow on Virtual Console the same day.

Source: @NintendoEurope

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I can't possibly justify buying one of these. That doesn't stop me wanting to :/
Posted 17:17 on 12 January 2016
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