Whilst Sony didn't show what the PlayStation 4 will look like, it did reveal its new controller, the DualShock 4.

The new edition of the wireless controller promises to offer new gameplay possibilities not possible before.

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DualShock 4 adopts the form factor of the DualShock 3 wireless controller with some key enhancements:

  • Motion control is enabled by a new highly sensitive six-axis sensor
  • Dual analog sticks fine-tuned for better precision plus improved surface materials and shape for more delicate manipulation
  • L2/R2 buttons on the top of the controller employ a curved design for easier, smoother interaction
  • A new "Options" button combines the functions of the DualShock 3's "Select" and "Start" buttons for operating in-game menus

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A new "Share" button allows users to easily broadcast gameplay in real-time through streaming platforms such as Ustream. You can also instantly upload images or video to Facebook with a press of the Share button.

DualShock 4 also has a touchpad at the front of the controller as a new input method, offering additional ways to interact with games. Also notice a built-in speaker and headset jack to deliver "high-fidelity" sound effects from games. A headset will be bundled with PlayStation 4, Sony confirmed.

The front side of the controller is home to a light bar with LED that illuminate in colours to match the colour of the character in a game in order to identify players. The colours can also provide useful information to players, such as when their character has taken damage during a game.

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Working with the light bar is a new dual camera peripheral, which can sense the depth of the environment in front of it and also track the 3D location of the controller via its light bar. The new camera also incorporates four microphones capable of accurate sound detection and source origination, and it will support the PlayStation Move motion controller with more precision than ever before.

Sony hasn't said how much the DualShock 4 will cost – let's hope it's not much more than the DualShock 3.

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User Comments

CharleSketch's Avatar


The more I look at it, the more I like it.. even though I still don't see the major appeal of the touchpad. I can't see how such a small touchpad could be used, but I guess we'll have to wait for that.

About the "Options" button, considering Nintendo's controller still has Star and Select buttons, and if Microsoft keeps them as well.. wouldn't that create some issues? It's not rare now for games to have entirely different functions to both buttons, some being essential to the game. How would the Playstation version of multi-platform games handle this? The pad? So the pad would be a giant Start or Select button on multi-plat games?

I also can't see how that light on the controller could be used to indicate damage to the player or something like that, considering it's basically on the bottom of the controller. You couldn't possibly see that while playing. Unless you're playing in a dark room, kind of.
Posted 17:49 on 21 February 2013
MJTH's Avatar

MJTH@ dav2612

Yeah agreed as well. I never really saw the problem with having the analogue sticks both at the bottom, or both at the top, or one at the bottom, one at the top etc.

One thing no one seems to be talking about though is the new PlayStation Eye, that comes with all PS4 consoles. It doesn't look brilliant, but then again it's hard to picture what size it is since there isn't anything to compare it to from the pictures. The smaller the better.
Posted 15:00 on 21 February 2013
Wido's Avatar


I like the controller, just wary of the touch pad whether or not it will become a nuisance.
Posted 14:15 on 21 February 2013
tvr77's Avatar

tvr77@ dav2612

My thoughts exactly, iv'e not noticed anything better or worse with either controllers.
Posted 14:12 on 21 February 2013
dav2612's Avatar


I've never understood the issue with the analogue sticks, I've not found them to be better or worse than any other control pad with an analogue stick.
Posted 14:10 on 21 February 2013
Karlius's Avatar


I prefer this to the Dualshock 3 but it's still no 360 pad. Analogue positions still suck!
Posted 13:55 on 21 February 2013
Endless's Avatar


Is it me or are the 'arms' longer on the DS4 than the DS3? That could make it quite a bit more comfortable to hold. Still don't think it'll be enough to compensate for the low positioning of the analog sticks though.
Posted 13:53 on 21 February 2013
MJTH's Avatar

MJTH@ tvr77

The controller pictured in the leak was an early dev kit. The design has been refined now so it is now much more appealing. The touch pad now looks much better.

It's a shame the spread out the D-pad in the final product, more then they did in the dev kit though. I actually liked the fact it was closer together, but then again it wouldn't of been a PlayStation style D-pad if it wasn't more spread out.
Posted 13:49 on 21 February 2013
tvr77's Avatar


I didn't like the controller when it was first leaked a few days ago but seeing it here and in those shots above its looks much better, especially the second one. Thumbs up
Posted 13:39 on 21 February 2013
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