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The PlayStation 4 will launch in Japan priced at over ¥40,000, reports Japanese daily Asahi Shimbun.

A ¥40,000 price point converts to approximately $428, but pricing conventions point to this being rounded down to $399. The PlayStation 3 launched in the US in $499 and $599 SKUs, meaning the new console would launch at a much more affordable price.

The Wii U launched in November 2012 in $299 and $349 SKUs.

What this means for the UK launch price isn't clear, but £399 wouldn't be a surprise.

Japanese business daily Nikkei is also confirming rumours that Sony's February 20 event will indeed unveil the PlayStation 4, adding that cloud tech Gaikai will feature.

Source: Asahi via GamesIndustry

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thompo555's Avatar

thompo555@ EverTheOptimist

Considering you can build a decent gaming PC for around £300 then I will only buy it if it is around that price, if I win the lottery or I get overwhelmed by peer pressure.

If it's over that, I may just spend the money on upgrades for my PC. It doesn't need upgrading at the moment, but getting it running cooler, quieter and with an overclock would be very nice!

I think, looking back at that post, a price around £350 is more likely. Though if they can get it in the low £300's then they might be able to batter Ninty around a bit.. And I'm sure Sony wants to be doing that!
Posted 00:17 on 08 February 2013
EverTheOptimist's Avatar

EverTheOptimist@ thompo555

Hmmm, that's pretty hopeful I think. PS3 was £425 when it launched back in 2006. With inflation taken into consideration the PS4 should cost even more than that. I don't think it will though, so I'm sticking to £400.

If it was £299 it'd be brilliant though. That's a nice price for me. A substantial sum of money that makes it feel like something special but not enough to ruin my finances for months.
Posted 23:28 on 07 February 2013
thompo555's Avatar


I think we might be forgetting that $399 is a lot in pounds.. but when you convert it, it is only £254 ish.

I'll stick my money on a £299 launch price. If it's around that price, I will have to pick one up I think.. Thank god it won't be for a while yet!
Posted 17:08 on 07 February 2013
EverTheOptimist's Avatar

EverTheOptimist@ tvr77

"id go without food and water if i had to" - brilliant, haha.
Posted 16:19 on 07 February 2013
tvr77's Avatar


I'm buying day one regardless of the price. I can't help myself, id go without food and water if i had to but luckily for me iv'e been saving for a while now, its been going up and down every time a worthy release comes along but i'm sure i will have the readies on the day. Obviously id prefer as lower price as possible.

Good luck to everyone wishing to procure one for themselves.
Posted 15:49 on 07 February 2013
EverTheOptimist's Avatar


£400 sounds about right based on what we've seen before. Might stick one on my wedding gifts list and see if a saint comes along :p
Posted 14:24 on 07 February 2013
munkee's Avatar


Day 1.
Take my wife (I have no wife).
Don't care.
Already have half that saved for one.
First midnight launch.
Hope I don't get mugged on my way home.
Triangle, Circle, Ex, Square.
*Throws mic on the floor and walks off stage*
Posted 14:22 on 07 February 2013
dav2612's Avatar


I'm waiting until the new consoles hit £200 before I jump onto the next gen. Fortunately I'm in no rush.
Posted 14:14 on 07 February 2013
rbevanx's Avatar


Yeah like Endless 400 quid is a lot but that figure won't surprise me if it is true. Was planning on waiting a year anyway.
Posted 14:07 on 07 February 2013
Wido's Avatar


£399 = affordable?
Posted 13:59 on 07 February 2013
Endless's Avatar

Endless@ BC_Animus

But that was a good thing for optional extras like HD movie playback and wireless networking, people that didn't want or need those features didn't have to pay for them. It's why the take up of the 360 was so much higher than the PS3.

Optional HDD however was a mistake imo.

£400 would be a lot, and probably too much for me. But it's probably about right for the hardware. I'd expect MS to undercut that by £50 at least though.
Posted 13:24 on 07 February 2013
Whitewolf's Avatar


i agree Mr animus plus ive found PS3's more reliable as ive had mine since 2007 i think not long after launch and its still going strong not 1 problem and all it cost was 350 (game and HDMI cable included) and im hopeing the reveal is the 20th i just wana see its new shape lol.
Posted 13:19 on 07 February 2013
BC_Animus's Avatar


Lets just hope there won't be too many different variants and addons.

That was one of the things that bugged me when the last gen started actually, and I hated the way people claimed the Xbox360 was cheaper than the PS3. With the Xbox360 all the bits and pieces you need were sold separately - hard drive, wireless adapter, HD-DVD addon, et cetera. It meant even if you had paid for the lower end versions of the console you end up paying a crapload more at the end of the day.

Anyways lets hope the Feb 20 announcement won't end up being EyeToy 3.0 or something stupid like that. Eeek I'm getting flashbacks of the Kinect announcement.
Posted 12:54 on 07 February 2013
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