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A press release has revealed that the vibration feature in the Dualshock and Dualshock 2 controllers will not be present in the PlayStation 3 controller.

"Pursuant to the introduction of this new six-axis sensing system, the vibration feature that is currently available on DUALSHOCK and DUALSHOCK 2 controllers for PlayStation and PlayStation 2, will be removed from the new PS3 controller as vibration itself interferes with information detected by the sensor," reads the press release.

Whilst this has obviously been done to enable the controller to use the new sensing technology, the lack of feedback from the controller may well leave a rather sterile feeling in gamers' hands.

The PS3 controller will operate wirelessly via Bluetooth, but with the addition of a USB cable which plugs into the rear of the controller you have yourself a wired version. When connected with a USB cable the controller will also recharge automatically.

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ps3 Fan 001

I couldnt agree more of what Gravy said...the ps3 will become much bigger than the 360, maybe not online but gameplay and graphics wise, and will shut all those moron 360 asslickers up. Another thing, I believe the face plates for the 360 look like sh*t and leaves the 360 standing looking stupid around its surrounding furniture-the ps3 coming in colours making it look professional. 'Biglittleworld' on the ps3 looks amazing as does 'Playstation Home'. The new playstation 3 pad does not bother me in the slightest with the removal of the rumble feature as it was not really a big assett to the ps32 anyways, and was aggravating at times. The xbox idiots make out that sony are clueless and copy rivals, this is rubbish...If you ask me id say they are marketing experts with a great marketing strategy.
Posted 14:28 on 21 June 2007
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Being a sony-loyal fan, I believe the ps3 has the potential to become great, better than the 360(Im not even going to include the wii) The game selection has always been by far the best and the online capability is potentially better. I would however get a 360 speciffically for Halo 3. And the wii for Smash Bros Brawl.
Posted 14:14 on 21 June 2007
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Firstly you should all get a grip on yourselves.
Secondly the PS3 controller is pretty much a Wii remote, therefore theoretically Wii type games can be played on a PS3... but a whole lot better.
OH AND GUESS WHAT! It can also be used as a normal controller just like the 360... BUT LIGHTER!
Oh boo-hoo theres no rumble, so what? The rumble packs have been around for years guys... Isnt that saying something!? - I think so... THEY'RE PRIMITIVE TECHNOLOGY, they have no purpose whatsoever espcially if you've got force feedback on the six-axis anyway.. JEEZ.
Posted 13:32 on 04 June 2007
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Here's a thought or two...
The Playstation 3 is a giant compared to the 360 and Wii. Why?

Well firstly the Wii is out of the question, its graphics only rival those of a PS2 and the gameplay is good... But it was really only built for group play and I'm pretty damn sure it wont be so popular by the end of this year, mainly because the price ain't gunna get much lower - the low price at christmas the only reason why so many people have one.

Anyway... Moving swiftly on.

Admitedly Sony's strategy was crap, a bit like dog trying to beat a world champion at chess... Yes a dog.

However, the technical mumbo jumbo is far superior compared to the 360.
The graphics cards used are completely different which is why there is no 'better console' on the graphics side of things... Thats until the PS3 is played on a 1080p screen whereas the 360 is stuck slogging its guts out on a screen half as good (1080i)

Although there is not much difference in system and video memory, the PS3 uses blu-ray whereas the 360 uses dual-layer, in this field the PS3 is the GIANT, due to a BD-ROM being able to hold 54GB compared to the shrimpy 9GB the 360 offers. This therefore means the games (when they do come out) for PS3 will triumph over all... Which is another thing everyone needs to clear up.

At the moment most people are arguing how the 360 has better graphics to the PS3, I assure you however this is not the case and is all due to little development in the number of games released for PS3 but by september this will all change.

The price is also always a factor when buying a console, and all I read is a load of 360 goons moaning about how expensive a PS3 is (at £400) accompanied by a 'therefore no-body should buy one' attitude... This is not the case, because as early as this summer theres expected to be a huge price cut of the PS3 just like the 360 had before christmas 2006. All this criticism of the price of the PS3 angers me because firstly blu-ray players alone are £500 and secondly the 360 when it was first released was ALSO around £400 to buy.

In the long run the PS3 will be champ, as new games will be released unlocking its full potential and the price will be cut... I can assure you this giant will be awakened.
Posted 13:25 on 04 June 2007
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here we go! force vibation gamepad for ps3!
Posted 04:17 on 08 May 2007
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i just buy a PS3, and i have 24:the game for PS2, and it requre a dual shock 2 controller, i really want a dual shock 2 or 3 on the PS3
Posted 19:21 on 02 May 2007
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loki gb

the fact that you can install other operating systems on the PS3 is enough for me, built in wireless connection not like 360 who say wireless but another chunk of cash for the adapter, oh and you dont have to buy a plug in battery pack neither because this is also built in, Ive just traded my 360 with 14 games to get my hands on the PS3 and so far its the best choice I have ever made
Posted 16:29 on 04 April 2007
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loki gb

you can buy an adapter for next to nothin that lets you plug PS2 pads into your PS3 so if your really gonna lose sleep over the PS3 pad stick with the PS2 pad, simple!
Posted 16:21 on 04 April 2007
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They could've enabled a switch button for the rumble. Meaning that, whenever, inside the game, u turn the sensors off you could still feel the rumble thing... And whenever the sensors are on the rumble is off. Easy eh?...
Posted 16:12 on 02 April 2007
rich's Avatar
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The ps3 owns the xbox360. working at toysrus shows this. im sick of seein the 360 come back.

i have all 3 of the next gen consoles an the ps3 wins in my eyes. ive had my 360 just over 3 months an ive had it swoped once already peace of crap!.
Posted 19:48 on 30 March 2007
Rayner's Avatar
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actualli nintendo ripped off sonys ith the tilt as it was put on the psp with the game mercury before the wii was even thought about by customers.
Posted 00:32 on 24 March 2007
matt's Avatar
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i think this controller will change and they will bring out another version like with no sensors and just vibration don't you?
Posted 21:00 on 15 February 2007
Didiek's Avatar
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I think it's about a passive action by Sony, while their competitor (Microsoft) are act aggressively in order to win the competition. In the past, we knew that the amount of sales of PS2 is greater than xbox.. However, now xbox 360 has offered such a great game with amazing graphics which has been attracted xbox 360's fanboys, I don't know about Sony in the long-term (1 or 2 years more time)..

Let's see what happen next, in fact, Sony don't want to be a loser.. :)

Posted 01:17 on 04 February 2007
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I would like to point out 1 key feature that no one as mentioned about the ps3 controller, that I simply love to death. The PS button, no other system has this incorperated into their midsts. This button allows you to reset the system, check battery levels, and turn the console off from across the room no wires, by far the most inovative idea. So for vibration loss at the moment over the other console's I can most definetly cope till they resolve the sensor interferience for vibration feedback, because the PS button is very promissing for other features later on, and now.
Posted 18:03 on 03 February 2007
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First of all sony didnt copy the wii controller, because on the ps2 they had released motion sensing games before nintendo and MS. Second sony is way to smart to fall in the war consels. They will definately bring back vibration somehow. O ya why is it that the 360 is in its second year and the ps3 is in its first and the graphics look exactly the same. U guys will see that the PS3s graphics in its second year will look much better than the graphics Microsoft currently has in its second year. and u MSN JERK off fan boys n nintendo are talking about stealing games. MS seemed a little worried about the grand theft auto series and they JUST HAD TO bring it to MS because they were scared that just the 1 game would make people wanna buy sony instead of their 1 man team the halo game and bill gates advanced Online Tech.
So if u talk sh*t , have more "Correct" things to say. SOny has always been smarter than MS when it comes to video game consoles
Posted 20:58 on 16 January 2007
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