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Jon Peddie Research, the industry's research and consulting firm for graphics and multimedia, has announced that it forecasts the market for PC gaming hardware to see a 30% increase in 2010, equating to a $6 billion increase over 2009.

Senior video game industry analyst at JPR, Ted Pollak, credits this growth to a number of factors: "The largest influence on the high forecasted growth rate is due to purchasing delays for systems and upgrades in 2008/2009 as consumers circled the wagons and took a conservative position on discretionary spending. A recovering economy, processing advancements, and higher quality gaming offerings will all contribute to a healthy year for PC gaming hardware in 2010."

Jon Peddie, president of Jon Peddie Research added: "The PC gaming market continues to be the high growth, and technological leader for home entertainment. With Windows 7 and DirectX 11, advanced and exciting physics, and stereovision capabilities, the PC platform is far and away the most advanced."

By 2012 JPR forecasts the total PC gaming market to be worth $34.76 billion.

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Bloodstorm's Avatar


As my gaming mentor once told me when i was 12. "You've never played a FPS until you've played it with a mouse and keyboard" the same day i began my onslaught on the original Unreal Tournament.
Posted 14:23 on 23 November 2009
thpcplayer's Avatar

thpcplayer@ Bloodstorm

mafia and diablo aswell.
PC gaming's just awesome, bloodstorm!
ANd, i was so annoyed to hear that this guy considers crysis to be a below average game and he hasnt played it, ridiculous.
EMpire total war to me is one of best rts ever!
WOW is the best mmo on earth
too bad that some console fans never realise the epicness of pc gaming.
Posted 09:45 on 23 November 2009
Bloodstorm's Avatar


PC exclusives that are just sheer awesome

Dawn of war, Dawn of war 2, Warcraft, Starcraft, The Witcher, Deus Ex (dont mention the watered down console version to me, that was a traveisty) Supreme Commander and Company of Heroes.

The PS3 has hardly any good exclusives, the good ones have been made multiplatform (Devil May Cry, Virtua Fighter 5, Final fantasy).
Posted 04:31 on 23 November 2009
thpcplayer's Avatar

thpcplayer@ fps_d0minat0r

yes and that's due to those asshole pirates. but still i think best rpg of all time which is diablo is a pc exclusive and also best rts of all time starcraft is a pc exclusive and wow is an awesome game, best mmo on the planet.
ANd, have you even played empire total war it is an awesome game and crysis is an average game. HAHA . NIce one. it was a wonderful game with jaw dropping visuals
secondly, why do you compare ps3 to pc? but yeah, mgs 4 is best stealth game to date!
IF there had been no pc then gaming would not have been as popular as it is now.
take cod for instance, it was originally a pc exclusive and it still sold very very well and now look at cod it is like most popular franchise on the planet earth
HAlf life is one of the highest rated and best franchise in gaming, i am sure you wont argue and that was a pc exclusive
ANd as of piracy, i am sure some dev would someday surely find a technique to combat piracy, surely.
At the end of the day , i would say that even if you look at figs then you would come to know that pc gaming gets most revenue and tat's due to blizzard and other devs who make pc games. I have an x360 and ps3 but i always BUY MULTI PLAT GAMES FOR PC . WHY? Cause i love it, absolutly love it.
Posted 09:44 on 20 November 2009
fps_d0minat0r's Avatar

fps_d0minat0r@ thpcplayer

WoW is old and grinding......i know it appeals to people with a lot of time on their hand but personally i dont consider it a game.......its a virtual life and thats reflected by the number of hours people put into it.

crysis is a below average game with incredible graphics.

empire total war isnt an AAA title......its good though.

on ps3 however, we have uncharted, motorstorm, killzone 2, demons souls, warhawk, resistance, MAG, god of war, gran turismo, little big planet, FFVXIII, ninja giaden sigma 2, wipeout HD and MGS4, the best game so far this gen.

i know PC does come up with the odd exclusive which doesnt shine because of pirates, hackers, glitchers ect.... but PC doesnt get exclusives at the RATE consoles do.

sonys there to contract exclusives for PS3 and microsoft is there to do that for really bothering with PC that much.
Posted 21:55 on 19 November 2009
thpcplayer's Avatar

thpcplayer@ fps_d0minat0r

i agree and i disagree. i agree on the fact that you hav to upgrade from time to time but i completely disagree that pc get worst exclusives.
Arma 2 which i think is most accurate depiction of war to date is a PC exclusive and i think is one of the best games of the year. ANd empire total war which i think is the best rts since starcraft is a PC exclusive. Not ot mention, world of warcraft and crysis.
Also, if you buy gtx 295 to day then i can guarrante that all games will work on highest settings for about next 3 years. 8800 gt is 2 year old card now yet it runs everything except crysis on highest
Posted 16:37 on 19 November 2009
fps_d0minat0r's Avatar


too bad they dont realise PC get the worst exclusives.

id rather have better exclusives on PS3 then play multi-plats in slightly higher resolution.

plus to achieve the higher resolution it would take upgrading graphics cards every year if you buy the mid ranged ones or a big amount of money to buy a GPU which will future proof you.........even if u buy a GTX295 today, it wont be worth as half as much in a years time.
Posted 16:24 on 19 November 2009
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