London commuters are being given the chance to meet two Page 3 stunners at London Victoria Station, in a publicity stunt to promote Atari's upcoming Nintendo DS title, The Sun Crossword Challenge.

Page 3 stunners Vikki Blows and Sam Cooke will be at the station from 8am on Friday April 18 and will be able to help passers-by to complete a giant interactive crossword. The Nintendo DS game will also be playable on the day.

There'll also be the opportunity to have your photo taken with Sam and Vikki, although we've not had confirmation that you'll be able to touch them with your stylus.

The Sun Crossword Challenge will be released on April 18.

** Pictures removed by request **

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Posted 22:11 on 14 April 2008
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As a valued member of the gaming community, I fail to see what the problem is.
Posted 22:02 on 14 April 2008
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Mmmmmmm.........., I think I'll buy the game now ;)
Posted 20:24 on 14 April 2008
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We get in trouble for posting pictures like that...
Posted 18:32 on 14 April 2008
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God Bless!!!
Posted 17:04 on 14 April 2008
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"The DS game will also be playable" - yeah sure.. cos you're really gonna go to play a crossword game on the DS..
Posted 16:28 on 14 April 2008
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