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27 per cent of Ouya owners have bought a game for the Android console, meaning almost three quarters of the userbase is yet to pay for a title, reports The Verge.

However, Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman is pleased with how things have panned out over the system's first month.

"Monetization on Ouya is so far better than we expected," Uhrman told The Verge. "It takes time to build what traditional consoles have had decades to build. But really, I think it's too early to draw such broad sweeping statements about how a platform is going to perform."

Uhrman also pointed to an apparently impressive demo to full game conversion rate of eight per cent for 13 of Ouya's 20 top grossing titles.

"I think there are a lot of social and mobile app developers that would kill for an 8 per cent attach rate on a platform that's 30 days old," Uhrman said. "These numbers will grow as more gamers pick up consoles, and as we attract more developers, and I believe that by the end of the year, we'll see a few developers telling us they've made more than a million dollars on Ouya."

VideoGamer.com Analysis

A million dollars seems like a pipe dream at this moment in time, given that top-grossing game TowerFall, from by Matt Thorson, has only made $21,000 to date.

Source: The Verge

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ShadowmanX5's Avatar


I think this can probably be boiled down to 3 points

1) Some games are just plain overpriced - I mean Towerfall is a great game but with a very limited single player experience, charging $15 for something so small seems just silly to me.

2) Account sharing - When me and my friends found out that once one of us has bought a game, simply logging out and back in to their names gives access to all their bought games on another console. It is so easy to just all share your accounts and whichever game you want to play, just log in to whoever bought it, never have to pay more than once for any game.

3) This console is designed to be hacked - Most people who bought this are already on in the android dev community, so majority of people would be able to pirate practically everything with great ease.
Posted 13:42 on 27 July 2013
Bloodstorm's Avatar


Yep, i was tempted to buy an Ouya just for that, then i remembered i'm not a hipster twat and stayed playing them on my PC.
Posted 13:30 on 27 July 2013


"Hasn't bought a game" = worked out how to download all their games for free and use emulators.
Posted 23:49 on 26 July 2013
CharleSketch's Avatar

CharleSketch@ FantasyMeister

You'd think that with those extra $7.5m they could've organized something more decent for E3, rather than a single booth in a parking lot outside the convention center.

Eight and a half million dollars and all they can afford is a hot-dog stand outside the damn place. That seriously doesn't sound right to me.
Posted 17:40 on 26 July 2013
Llamazoid's Avatar


The average consumer isn't familiar with the Ouya at all. Never mind what games are available. Some marketing couldn't hurt.
Posted 13:54 on 26 July 2013
FantasyMeister's Avatar


When you ask for $1m and get $8.5m I guess you can put a positive spin on anything thereafter.
Posted 12:30 on 26 July 2013
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