Sony's released an official PS4 unboxing video, but it's not what you expect from a video of this kind.

Looking and sounding like the opening to a 90s sci-fi flick, the video features a mystery man in gloves whose identity is revealed at the end. Can you guess who it is?

Source: YouTube

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YGBjammy's Avatar

YGBjammy@ Karlius

Called it.
I don't know which got posted first though, but I hadn't seen the video at the time haha
Posted 08:32 on 12 November 2013
Karlius's Avatar

Karlius@ YGBjammy

YouTube Video
Posted 23:42 on 11 November 2013
YGBjammy's Avatar


Don Mattrick would have been a great twist.
Posted 15:41 on 11 November 2013
Karlius's Avatar


Saw the gloves and thought AWESOME! It's O.J. Simpson I was then ultimately disappointed by the reveal.
Posted 12:02 on 11 November 2013
Clxmj's Avatar


Should've been Richard O'Brien..
Posted 11:57 on 11 November 2013
anialator136's Avatar


Yoshida is hilarious. Sony always surprises
Posted 11:57 on 11 November 2013
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