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PlayStation Vita has not seen any noticeable boost in sales in the UK following the console's price cut last month, Sony UK's MD has revealed, but the handheld is still performing better than it was last year.

"Well, we're very pleased with how PS Vita sales have picked up this year," Fergal Gara told CVG. "I must say, in the UK we were promoting it hard before the price drop, so actually the difference before and after Gamescom isn't that noticeable in the UK.

"The difference between the start of the year and now, however, is much more noticeable. We also believe that the rise in unit sales since Gamescom, considering there was no major Vita games in stores, is the result of our Remote Play announcement."

Sony announced a ~£40 price cut for PlayStation Vita during last month's show and clarified its functionality with PlayStation 4, showing off a demo of the PS4 version of Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag running on PS Vita via Remote Play.

"I think Remote Play is a new weapon in our armoury - it gives the PS4 a unique advantage over anything else, and it's an attractive new feature for the PS Vita," Gara continued.

Despite sales failing to pick up, though, PS Vita "is forecast to hit its sales target in the UK," Gara says, "and games like Killzone Mercenary were well received, so we really need to press on with sales now."

Sony announced a slimmer and lighter PlayStation Vita earlier this month, but a UK release has yet to be confirmed.


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I own a PS Vita and love it. I travel quite a bit and it is always with me when I do. The reason we're not seeing a sales boost from the price cut is for two giant reasons:
1. Only folks looking for information on PS Vita even knew about the price drop. There was no marketing done for the change. If consumers have to work to find you, they won't.

2. The games catalog hasn't improved. Sure, we have Batman and Lego games coming in October ... but that's it. No new Assassin's Creed. No new God of War. No new marque titles that drive sales. There are some good games for the Vita, but without the perception that developers are going to bring great games to market, there's not driver to bring consumers to the shelf.

The PS4 should help the sales of the PS Vita, but that remains to be seen. Will it be too little too late?
Posted 23:11 on 27 September 2013
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That is a real shame. However whilst price cuts are important so is releasing killer apps that make you want the system. I think most people who own a vita, (in the same way as Wii U owners) can argue that the games that have come out so far for Vita have probably satfisfied their purchase of the machine. The problem lies with the fact the Vita hasn't abig killer app that makes people run out to the stares to buy the system, in the same sense that SM 3D Land and MK7 was big deal for 3DS, and how Pokemon and the new zelda game is for 3DS now.
Posted 09:01 on 27 September 2013
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