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Nintendo has no chance of achieving its Wii U sales forecast of 9 million units for the current financial year, analysts have claimed.

The firm said in October that it expects to sell 9 million Wii U consoles by the end of March 2014, despite only selling 460,000 units worldwide in the six months which began April 1, 2013.

"They steadfastly refuse to consider that the product is not interesting to consumers," Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter wrote in an email. "They will fail to hit 9 million, and they will likely miss their profit goals."

Pachter expects sales to be 6 million units.

"Wii U has become a game console only for Nintendo fans," Eiji Maeda, an analyst at SMBC told Bloomberg. "Wii U needs groundbreaking software to draw casual and hardcore gamers."

"It's going to be difficult for Nintendo to sell 9 million Wii U consoles this fiscal year," Maeda added. "Iwata needs to plan what to do next year if the performance this year isn't good."

Maeda forecasts Wii U sales to reach 6.5 million this financial year.

Source: Bloomberg

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That's a fair assessment. Even though there are a few games coming out in Q1 for Wii U, the expectation of selling 5 million units between now and then is way to much.
Posted 13:06 on 03 December 2013