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wii u11111111111 -

Nintendo has lost an appeal disputing ownership of the wiiu.com domain.

The domain will continue to be held by its previous registrant after Nintendo's cybersquatting complaint was denied by the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Nintendo allegedly filed a complaint against the domain's owner in February in an attempt to gain control of the address.

The company may now have to reach a private agreement with the owner if it wishes to acquire the domain.

Nintendo's official Wii U website currently resides at http://www.nintendo.com/wiiu.

Source: wipo.net (via Fusible)

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alphafour's Avatar


Apparently the guy registered the wiiu.com domain in like 2004. Isn't that when the original Wii had just come out? I'd say tough luck, really.

If Nintendo could take the domain from this guy then it would set a very dodgy precedent. It would kinda mean that large companies could forcibly take any domain name if they had enough power and influence.

I think I'll vote in favour of the small guy in this instance.
Posted 16:04 on 01 July 2013
MJTH's Avatar


That's kind of annoying that you can own the trade mark/ copyright to a name, but yet you aren't entitle to the web address. Sony and Microsoft don't own the domains for "www.playstation4.com" or "XboxOne.com" either.

Apperently, Nintendo payed 6 figure cheque for the wii.com domain. That must of stung.
Posted 15:43 on 01 July 2013
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