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Rifts ships and a demo is released

The N-Gage RPG will be in stores soon and a demo is available on the official website.

Publish date 11:02am at 27 Oct 2005

N-Gage Arena Launcher Update

N-Gage Arena launcher software connects gamers to the Arena community directly from an N-Gage.

Publish date 4:02pm at 01 Sep 2005

Warhammer 40,000 comes to N-Gage in 2006

The tabletop strategy game from Games Workshop will arrive on the N-Gage in winter 2006.

Publish date 1:48pm at 18 Aug 2005

N-Gage Arena Post & Win

Post on a forum and win prizes.

Publish date 11:28am at 16 Aug 2005

Silver N-Gage QD due in September

Nokia have announced that a silver edition N-Gage QD will be released in European, Middle Eastern and African markets on September 1st.

Publish date 3:57pm at 03 Aug 2005

Chat to developers of Rifts

N-Gage Arena members get the chance to chat to the developers of Rifts: Promise of Power.

Publish date 2:04pm at 22 Jun 2005

System Rush website goes live

The latest N-Gage game gets its very own website.

Publish date 12:46pm at 26 May 2005

Nokia outline new N-Gage strategy

Nokia promise N-Gage support until the end of 2006 and games for smartphones.

Publish date 6:40pm at 18 May 2005
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