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The next Xbox and the PlayStation 4 will both be shown at E3 2012, reports UK trade publication MCV.

According to unnamed sources, Microsoft has "signalled to partners" that it plans to unveil its new console at E3 2012. Not to be left behind, sources say that Sony execs have told third-parties that it will not be left behind in the next generation and will also have its PlayStation 3 successor at E3 2012.

"Obviously we can't reveal our sources," wrote Online Editor Ben Parfitt on Twitter. "But you have my personal word on this - the source is exemplary, 100 per cent concrete, ultra high level."

It's not expected that Sony and Microsoft will detail price and launch details at E3, but the presence of three new platforms will be a first for the annual trade show. Analysis

Any kind of showing from Sony and Microsoft could put a real damper on the Wii U launch - details of which are expected at E3 - especially if Wii U is unable to compete with the graphics capabilities of higher-end consoles.

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Clockpunk's Avatar


PS4 would be a very bad move this early, especially with all the first party dev teams saying its 'just getting into its stride', pretty much. Would certainly reek of desperation...

Thw Wii-U will have to pull out all the big guns if it wants to compete against the other platforms. Whatever happens, this E3 should prove to be a lot of fun - and I only wish I could go!
Posted 13:22 on 06 January 2012
Woffls's Avatar


I was expecting all 3 to make an appearance this year, but I don't think PS4 will have a big showing. If it does, then I'd be inclined to say they're rushing its launch to avoid being beaten by Microsoft again. Hopefully the PS4's OS won't be a cobbled-together archaic mess like XMB is.

Predictions: Nintendo does a re-unveiling of Wii U, possibly even changing the name and look of the console. One big title confirmed for launch, and a huge focus on 3rd party support with logos everywhere. Regardless of system's creative potential, the press just goes on about graphics but reassures us that they don't care about graphics.

Halo 4 will be a launch title on Xbox 3, and we'll see it being played at the conference. Then a superconducting Rare logo will hover above the stage and we will be hit with Perfect Dark 2 and Banjo Kazooie 3 (lol no). Seriously, some stuff to do with clouds and services, integrated Kinect+ (sigh) and something original from Molyneux because I bet he's bored out of his mind working on Fable.

Sony will do what they do every year; a new marketing campaign with a 'character': this year's will be a hipster called George; endless video reels of games that will never be released, mostly target renders; proclaimation of their distancing from gimmicks and reassurance that they're all about the games and not ridiculous things like new controllers. Oh, and Dual Shock 4, now with a tiny Dreamcast VMU screen. Yay.
Posted 10:20 on 06 January 2012
munkee's Avatar



No, in all fairness, I would rather use a large chopping board instead of a controller. I imagine it will be a lot more comfortable. And, imagine getting to use your Mii's in Call of Duty: Not So Modern Warfare 7 (Mario Edition). /mindblown

Anyway, enough Nintendo/Activision bashing.

Yup, the next big consoles are coming. I, for one, can't wait. I'm not in a rush to buy a new console. But, I'm definitely excited to see one in action.
Posted 09:51 on 06 January 2012
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