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Yet more info from research firm Intellisponse, now revealing a new, presumably Activision published, action title called Powers & Titans.

The game is said to be coming to Xbox 360, PS3 and PC and sees players taking control of a superhero of their creation - you'll get to choose the hero's powers and must utilise them in the right situations. There doesn't appear to be a license attached the game either.

The game will have a multiplayer focus, with players able to form "super teams" online and go on missions such as protecting a convoy. It sounds a little like PC MMO City of Heroes/Villains only more action focussed.

What superhero would you create? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Umm im looking around other places and i don't see anything about this game whens it coming out. and i would choose super speed if it looks good, is it open world like spiderman and prototype cause i think that would be epic being able to go around saving people world wide. if you have superspeed you should be able to level up to be able to run on water that would be epik.
Posted 02:06 on 12 March 2010
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