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A Japanese TV special on Pokemon Company boss Tsunekaz Ishihar has revealed the firm to be working on an all-new Pokemon detective adventure game for 3DS, reports Serebii.

Scheduled for release in 2015, the game is said to see players teaming up with their Pikachu sidekick, solving puzzles from a first-person perspective. A special blue-coloured Pikachu may also appear as the main enemy in the game, but at this stage it's entirely possible this will change based on early player feedback.

Pikachu will boast motion-captured facial animation, allowing him to talk.

Via serebii.net

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Here's hoping for an LA Noire inspired interrogation sequence, where you can call out pikachu for the liar he really is.
Posted 10:51 on 29 October 2013


Mo cap Pikachu? Wtf?
Posted 21:31 on 28 October 2013
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