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It has been announced that RapidMind and Terra Soft have teamed up to make application development for the PlayStation 3 easier than ever before. Last month Terra Soft announced the release of Yellow Dog Linux of the PlayStation 3, and now with the RapidMind Development Platform, developers can more easily create applications that run on PS3 and other hardware which utilizes the Cell Broadband Engine.

A full-featured evaluation version of the RapidMind Development Platform v2.0 will be provided for distribution from Terra Soft's Enhanced Accounts.

"It's exciting to imagine what will happen when you put a supercomputer-class PlayStation 3 with a great OS into the hands of developers," said Ray DePaul, RapidMind President and CEO. "Developers are eager to take advantage of the Cell BE and the PlayStation 3 without the need to understand the underlying architecture of this complex multi-core processor. The RapidMind platform makes that possible."

"Yellow Dog Linux provides a complete Linux OS for the PlayStation 3 resulting in a very powerful computing platform. We are thrilled to be working with RapidMind to make this platform more accessible for professional developers and hobbyists alike," said Kai Staats, Terra Soft CEO.

RapidMind is also taking part in a Hack-a-thon from January 20 to January 26 for the optimization of applications for the Cell BE, hosted at Terra Soft's Loveland, Colerado headquarters. A number of organizations such as IBM, Mercury, and Tungsten Graphics have committed resources, with dozens of other labs, universities, and individuals planning to participate. The goal is to create a set of application examples to showcase the potential of the Cell BE.

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Installation MAY be a pain, but that will be yellow dog (never used it). If you have ever used ubuntu linux and its package manager then you know how good things can be. (Only free / open source can be packaged like that)

The majority of linux apps will WORK with ps3 as they are open source. Most recomplile without problems, and anyone can change the ones that dont. I've used ppc linux for a few years now (apple ibook) and many apps work. However some binary only things wont work (drivers mainly - but add adobe flash and java). Java is going open source so expect a port of that. Flash has a open source alternative. My nintendo wii has a flash plugin and thats ppc.

Im looking forwards to mythtv on a ps3 (well the frontend anyway)
Posted 17:32 on 27 February 2007
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well well...lets see how much are we looking at?

how many DOLL-Hair'$?
Posted 05:07 on 03 February 2007
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The price of a PS3 with a bluray drive isn't that much more than a pc, and with video and drivers to run 1920x1080p, 256KB of ram is a lot if you write tight code. I can see it used for turnkey apps.
Posted 08:18 on 02 February 2007
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well, for ps3 you won't be needing anything like media center, 'cause media capabilities in this system are so great.. I think linux for Ps3 is a great idea.. you can haalf your HDD and use Ps3's own operating system for playing and other multimedia stuff.. linux is just for other daily things you would like to do with your computer..
Posted 12:26 on 21 January 2007
RequimForMe's Avatar


I agree with kevin. I would stop making these Linux based tools if I was the PS3 and opt for the more media center friendly approach the 360 is taking. Connectivity with Media Center is great especially since the new IPTV stuff is coming out. Sony should concentrate more about interfacing with computers people already have, instead of turning peoples PS3s into a computer. Just my thoughts.
Posted 15:30 on 20 January 2007
Kevin's Avatar
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I don't see where linux is going for PS3. With Apple computers now using x86 (intel) architecture, the demand for PPC applications and development will plumet. Yellow Dog 5 runs great on the PS3, but everthing it does right now, my desktop computer does better. Installation of new programs in linux is a pain in the ass compared to Windows, and it makes it worse when only a small minority of the linux apps are coded for PowerPC. The Playstation 2 was originally supposed to do more multimedia-related things than it was ever capable of, and PS3 looks to be going the same way. X86 linux users are at least able to run their windows programs. PS3 can't even do that.
Posted 15:18 on 20 January 2007
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Yellow Dog Linux for the PS3 shipped with Firefox out of the box
Posted 06:45 on 13 January 2007
Karlius's Avatar


Sheffezy i believe Linux Firefox will eventually show produce a version on for P$3. I think any development that can actually help the P$3 do what it is supposed too will be welcomed by fans! Maybe this will help the console be less of a pig to code for a small help will be a big help for developers! :)
Posted 01:25 on 13 January 2007
sheffezy's Avatar
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does this mean that the ps3 will eventually have the" www" on command?
Posted 17:25 on 12 January 2007
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