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Microsoft won't drop the price of the Xbox 360 in the UK for "many many years in the future".

Speaking to in an interview to be published next week, Microsoft's head of gaming and entertainment in the UK, Stephen McGill, said that the Xbox 360 is at a "great price now" and described it as "great value".

Following a recent price drop, the Xbox 360 can now be picked for less than the Nintendo Wii. The hard drive-less Arcade model retails for £129.99, the 60GB Premium is £169.99 and the Elite model is £229.99.

At the end of September Microsoft announced that it had enjoyed a massive 214% rise in sales for the Xbox 360 in the previous two weeks, outselling the PlayStation 3 by more than two-to-one in the UK.

Earlier this week Sony Computer Entertainment managing director Ray Maguire told that it won't reduce the price of the PS3 in time for Christmas, which currently retails for £299.99 in the UK, saying Sony "has a business to run" and has to "do the right thing" for its shareholders.

McGill told "I'm not going to speculate where it might go (the price of the Xbox 360) in five or ten years time, whatever. But we've obviously just reduced the price and that's because we can pass the costs reductions we have straight on to consumers. That's the right thing to do, obviously from a business point of view it helps it sell even more. I think a lot of people have been waiting for it to become even more affordable and they're now seeing that benefit and buying it in their droves and we can now hopefully continue it through Christmas and beyond.

"It's great value. And I think the value not only comes from the price of the console but the content. With NXE launching and obviously that's free for everyone, and the portfolio. There isn't a better range of games and entertainment, basically fun, on any other platform, and we're incredibly affordable."

When asked if it was unlikely that there will be another price drop for a good while yet, McGill replied: "Yeah. I mean absolutely. We're a great price now. I'm not dropping the price for many many years in the future I would suspect."

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If Microsoft just came out and said "No price drop until the PS3 starts to outsell us again" it'd be easier to have respect for them.
Posted 15:21 on 02 November 2008
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It may look great value. But people walk into a shop looking for a video game console not a blue ray player, so they buy the Wii or the xbox 360 because they are cheaper. However those who are less budget conscious, well they can buy the big HD TV and the PS3 and possibly a seperate blue ray player etc...
Posted 00:02 on 01 November 2008
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Looking at those prices I'd say the PS3 is the best value of the three choices. For just a little more than the better 360 model you get a more powerful console that can play Blu-ray movies. Not bad at all.
Posted 21:41 on 31 October 2008
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Sorry, but what you said was just stupid.
Posted 20:13 on 31 October 2008
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Ruley Ramundo

I have all 3 current consoles and the prices grade they are at, at the mo are about right apart from XBOX 360 i.e PS3 the best, quality finish = highest price, Wii does not break, middle ground, XBOX 360 RROD and all that, cheapest standard model (looks like it 2) out of the 3 nuff said ranks last. I think a real price for XBOX360 should be elite £120, premium £90, pro £60 thats about right.
Posted 19:48 on 31 October 2008
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