kinect cortex -
kinect cortex -

Jake Evill, a recent graduate of Victoria University, New Zealand, has developed a new type of 3D-printed brace for broken limbs using a hacked Xbox Kinect.

The 'Cortex cast' is described as an injury-localised exoskeleton which is designed to follow the contours of the scanned broken limb, also being lightweight, washable and recyclable.

Each cast will weigh less than 500 grams.

The structure of the Cortex is based on the honeycomb-like formation of our own bone structure, with Evill stating that "nature has the best answers".

Full prototyping and testing is expected to take place once Evill finds a hospital and manufacturer to work with. Analysis

It's unconfirmed that Mr Evill is currently in a secret lair planning to take over the world.

Source: PCR | jakeilldesign

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Los_VALOS's Avatar


Those are going to be some weird tan lines.. It honestly doesn't look that supportive though, should've been snugger. It's a cool concept but like all recent inventions it remains to see if it's useful..
Posted 22:52 on 05 July 2013


With these sort of ideas, shouldn't be long before Mr. Evill is........

......Dr. Evill?

*little finger smirk*
Posted 16:59 on 05 July 2013
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MJTH@ KamSage

And that is why the Kinect will be sold separately for windows. Dev builds will be out November, and the product will be out next year if I remember correctly.
Posted 15:59 on 05 July 2013


This is why the Kinect should be sold separately. Because it's better for science than gamers.
Posted 15:22 on 05 July 2013


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Posted 14:47 on 05 July 2013
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