ELSPA has revealed that three unconnected piracy raids, at homes in Bolton, have been carried out by Trading Standards officers. The raids resulted in three arrests and the seizure of goods with a street value close to £500,000. The seized property included pirated and imported videogames, PC software, hardware, counterfeit clothing and watches.

Those arrested, which have now been released on bail, ranged from 15 to 35 years of age and will be dealt with after all the counterfeit goods have been examined. The youngest of those arrested was running a business through Ebay and gave the impression that he was above the law.

Michael Rawlinson, deputy director general of ELSPA commented: "Piracy is damaging to all levels of the computer and video games market, costing the industry millions of pounds every year and supplying consumers with sub-standard goods" He went on to add. "Catching an eBay trader shows that even using the Internet does not make illegal traders invisible."

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