xbox one release -
xbox one release -

Xbox LIVE exec Larry Hyrb has said that Microsoft is watching feedback on the Xbox One "carefully", but believes the hardcore gaming audience will be "happy after E3".

Speaking in a Yahoo live chat this evening, Hyrb said that "the hardcore gaming audience has given us some great feedback & we watch that feedback carefully.

"I think they'll be happy after E3."

Microsoft lifted the lid on Xbox One yesterday, but faced harsh criticism from sections of the gaming community in the hours that followed.

Some criticised Microsoft for focussing on the console's multimedia functionality during the console's reveal event, with others criticising the confusion and mixed-messaging relating to the console's online requirements and support for pre-owned software.

Questions still hang over the two subjects despite numerous attempts from Microsoft to explain its stance.

The company's latest official line is that Xbox One "does not have to be always connected but it does require an internet connection".

Hyrb also says that policy decisions regarding its stance on pre-owned software and disc-sharing are "stlll being finalised".

Microsoft is expected to use E3 to reveal further Xbox One titles and additional information on the console's launch.


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infinite's Avatar


alas I think "hardcore gamers will be 'happy after E3' will be untrue unless Microsoft do a complete u-turn on a lot of the so called xbox one features they have decided to introduce...

heres a get rid/change list: 1) always needs kinect to be connected and turned on even when not used... 2) always needs internet on (even every 24hrs is too much)... 3) used game restrictions... 4) no backward compatibility... 5) change the case design... 6) HDD not large enough... the list goes on...

btw: if nobody wanted backward compatibility, why do you always make HD versions of older games?
Posted 12:41 on 25 May 2013
TenBensons's Avatar


Drop the 'has to connect to the Internet at least once in 24hrs'.

Drop the whole games tied to profile DRM bull***** or at least allow me to share the disc to a few family members/friends with no restrictions or payment.

Increase the Hard drive capacity to at least 1TB. I mean come on the PS3 launched with a 500GB HDD and its not like hard drives are expensive now is it (not inc. SSD)

Allow me to FULLY disable kinect and/or remove it from the console if I want to. That thing sounds like its an invasion of privacy.

Round some of those edges off, it really does look like a top loading VCR

SPORTS!!!! No one cares.

LIVE TV!!!! Already have it. And the whole only in the US for the time being makes me question if we will see it with all UK providers and not just SKY

SKYPE!!! Allow it to communicate with all devices that have a Skype app.

Some reimbursement for the ridiculous amount of money I have poured into xbox live arcade games that I will no longer be able to play on xbox live

If they don't start making these kind of considerations for people then xbox one will be xbox lost (you can have that one for free ;)
Posted 22:57 on 22 May 2013
RobotPi's Avatar


He doesn't sound sure. Why "I think they'll be happy after E3." and not simply: "They will be happy after E3". Bloody hell, Microsoft show some confidence!!
Posted 22:34 on 22 May 2013
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