xbox one hardware -
xbox one hardware -

Microsoft has said that it is not yet ready to respond to criticism levelled at Xbox One over the revelation that two of its major launch titles will only output natively at 720p.

Responding to a NeoGaf user asking about the chances Albert Penello, Xbox director of product planning, "will presence us with an apology or concession," Penello responded: "Pretty good, I'd say."

"I'll be back," he added moments later. "You're right, I should talk about it. But right now, still lots of info to come out. Once the dust settles, and all the information is out there, I'll address my comments."

Last month, Penello claimed that the power difference between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 "is not as great as the raw numbers lead the average consumer to believe," and "if there was really huge performance difference – it would be obvious."

"I get a ton of hate for saying this – but it's been the same EVERY generation," he continued. "Sony claims more power, they did it with Cell, they did it with Emotion Engine, and they are doing it again. And, in the end, games on our system looked the same or better."

However, last week it was revealed that both Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 would only output natively at 720p on Xbox One, compared with 1080p/900p on PlayStation 4.

Microsoft's Chief of Staff for Devices and Studios Group Aaron Greenburg also waded in to the conversation on Twitter, telling one fan: "You realize you will see every game in 1080p as your output right?"

He later clarified that he knows this isn't the same as rendering natively in 1080p.

Xbox One launches on November 22.

Source:, @aarongreenberg

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@VMac Yup those comments are pretty entitled but 'Sonyland'? I guess you haven't waded into the thread on the lack of DLNA and MP3 support for PS4 on launch. Or the one on the lack of custom themes (I mean MP3s I can get but wallpapers???)

You are right on the 'has become' part though prior to the XB1 DRM nonsense and the weak h/w info NeoGAF had a predominately XBox preference. If that was justified by the generally better performance of Xbox vs PS3 in multi-platform titles then how is it unjustified now?

Penello has put himself into a terrible position by posting comments that can generously be described as optimistic or borderline deceptive if you're not. Would have been better to say that XBox offers a more robust 'experience' with Kinect and tv integration than to get involved in 'power' dogfight. There's no way out now for him he can either dump on 3rd party devs 'lol lazy devs' or admit there is a power difference 'lol I lied'.

This is why media training and PR exists people, annoyed by bland non-info media statements? Then you need to grow up and stop dumping on someone when they don't tell the 'truth' as you define it and accept that any message from a company spokesperson will always be slanted towards that company. Read their comments with this in mind and understand that you will never hear 'OMG Company X product owns our POS' even if Company X is shipping a Cray for $10 and you're shipping a ZX81 for $100
Posted 13:35 on 04 November 2013
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"Responding to a NeoGaf user asking about the chances Albert Penello, Xbox director of product planning, "will presence us with an apology or concession,""

Hahaha oh my God, you gotta love the entitled little *****ers of Neogaf. I cant believe how much sonyland that forum has become.
Posted 12:47 on 04 November 2013
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