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A video games collector has sold their entire collection on eBay for €999,999.99 (around £793,000 or $1.32 million USD).

The mammoth games collection - which includes thousands of games - includes the entire range of games released for the N64, SEGA Mega Drive, Master System, Saturn, Dreamcast, Super Famicom and more, alongside a host of PC games.

Most of them were factory sealed, too.

The collection is so vast that shipping alone costs a further €1,000.

Could this be the biggest games collection the world has ever seen? It's certainly the biggest we've ever seen on eBay.

The enormous collection sold to a private bidder last night. In response to one user's question, the seller said that he hopes he doesn't "regret" selling his impressive haul.

For the full list of games sold - along with pictures of all of them - head on through to the eBay listing.

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This is why I keep telling the missis why I'm not getting rid of my old games ever. Its an investment
Posted 09:46 on 10 July 2012
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