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Konami announced this week that Pro Evolution Soccer 6 will be arriving in stores on October 27 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 2 and PC, but currently very little has been said in regards to bringing the acclaimed series to the Wii.

Speaking to CVG, Seabass has confirmed that a version of Pro Evolution Soccer is currently in development for the Wii. Although very much in the early stages, the game is already in a playable state and the team is working on ways to utilise the Wii remote and nunchuck.

We'll be sure to keep readers posted on any further developments.

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Rusty-Kun's Avatar


ISS 98 what a Stunning game, I remember me and my brother bought it with the system and loved it :) Then again Sensible Soccer is a Winner.
Posted 21:28 on 27 September 2007
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ISS 98 on the N64 is the greatest football game ever. Theres no other football game that has total control like ISS 98 had. All the other console football games were a step down n control to make things harder.
Mind you though the N64 controller was the best videogame controller (goldeneye) ever so maybe it was just that. Maybe.
Posted 21:21 on 27 September 2007
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tim makinson

Fifa's actually coming to the wii on september 28th. Not sure about Pro Evolution, though. It's out on the 360 but I'm not sure about the wii.
Posted 09:22 on 15 September 2007
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it was ISS International Superstar Soccer but they changed the name to PES becos they introduced clubs......u wudnt play as Man u in INTERNATIONALsuperstar soccer wud u?
Posted 11:32 on 24 August 2007
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FIFA Hater

Who cares about the FIFA franchise??? The game has hardly changed since it's first incarnation yonks ago (obviously apart from the GFX!)

Posted 08:23 on 08 August 2007
me's Avatar
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fifa 07 is comming out on wii in october
Posted 11:25 on 30 May 2007
Josh Betts's Avatar
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Josh Betts

i reckon you should bring out pro evo it would b gr8 you could use da nunchuk 4 runnin nd A on da wii remote to shoot!! plz!!!
Posted 21:49 on 24 April 2007
pelotudo's Avatar
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Well I had International superstar soccer and International superstar soccer deluxe for my snes..developed by Konami..then when the ps1 and N64 came out it there were 2 different developers..the one for the ps1 became PES as we know it today and then the other developer faded into oblivion as ISS on the N64 just wasn't very good....
Posted 21:53 on 13 March 2007
Pro Evo Wii's Avatar
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Pro Evo Wii

Do Wii really need FIFA '07 on the Wii? What Wii really do need, is Pro Evolution Soccer, and that is what we're getting!
Posted 12:45 on 11 February 2007
escocoward's Avatar
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escocoward@ vandy

it's unfair that fifa 07 isn't coming out on Wii, fifa 94 which was the first fifa, came out on super nitendo and the other retired consoles. It's actually unfair,but since there'spe6, I'm gonna buy my Wii.
Nitendo is the best.!!!
Posted 00:57 on 30 December 2006
Christian's Avatar
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Christian@ vandy

Winning Eleven exists since SNES, i bought my SNES just for that reason, and i bought my ps1, ps2, xbox for the same reason. Now PES is coming to Wii, i think i know what i am getting next
Posted 15:21 on 29 December 2006
valenswift's Avatar

valenswift@ vandy

shouldn't that be

"Here Wii go, here Wii go, here Wii go" ;P
Posted 20:39 on 23 December 2006
Timid's Avatar

Timid@ Eric cantona

Now that's something I like to hear! :D

Wii Pro Evo, here we (Wii) come!
Posted 11:22 on 13 December 2006
Eric cantona's Avatar
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Eric cantona@ vandy

Its about time the loyal nintendo fans got a decent football game in english.
Gringo u r spot on about we 6 final evolution but i would rather have spent the 20 or so hours playing the game instead of painstakingly translating parts of the game into english.
Wii will rule the world.
Posted 23:03 on 12 December 2006
babysupertrousers's Avatar


i wonder how this is going to work? is it going to use the nunchuck controls at all?
Posted 23:43 on 22 November 2006
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