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Microsoft is believed to be working on a modified version of Internet Explorer 9 for the Xbox 360, sources have told The Verge.

Despite providing a range of multimedia functionality, and Bing-powered searching, the Xbox 360 is currently unable to browse the internet. Internet Explorer would bring the full browsing experience to Xbox 360 users.

There's also the suggestion that Kinect gesturing and voice control will be integrated into the web experience. Whilst Kinect won't be mandatory for Internet Explorer, the source states that the browser has been tuned for Kinect.

An E3 reveal looks likely. Analysis

The PS3 has offered internet browsing since day one, but despite updates isn't the finest example of web surfing. With Microsoft's expertise in the area we hope the Xbox 360 browsing experience will be worthwhile.

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Karlius's Avatar


As an it security professional I can say that most intrusions are opened up by non html traffic being sent over port 80 you then need a hell of a system to determine what traffic is what. Its a multimillion pound industry in itself trying to prevent malicious traffic. Wwhatever clever firewalls and barriers you put up someone will find an entry point.

IE used to be terrible and I migrated to Firefox and later Chrome however as a developer I keep using all browsers for testing purposes. As develop for MS SharePoint I had to use IE. 6 was terrible, 7 as bad but its interface got better. 8 ok and as far as I'm concerned IE 9 now gives best overall performance and that's why theres a huge swing back to IE in my eyes.
Posted 17:36 on 11 May 2012
draytone's Avatar


I think that this goes back to the Metro dashboard update. I agree that it's actually become harder to get to certain areas of the dashboard, and it's actually pretty annoying to go to the 'My Apps' section. I've set my 360 to load the game in the tray when it boots up which means I interact with the dashboard as little as possible.
Posted 17:18 on 11 May 2012


I think it's less an annoyance that extra things are being added. This in itself is good as long as it doesn't change the console. It's the way MS push them in your face and make the user experience more difficult for those wanting to get to their games items and shop faster, having to wade through all the media bits.
Posted 17:14 on 11 May 2012
draytone's Avatar


Yeah, it totally depends on your own individual set up and preferences. Not fussed about browsing the internet via my 360, but I'm not annoyed at Microsoft for adding extra functionality to it.
Posted 17:11 on 11 May 2012

pblive@ draytone

The difference is that most of my iPlayer/4OD/Channel5/Netflix is done on the Blu-ray player or the TV. I guess if those didn't have the ability to do this then the 360 would be used for it more.
Posted 16:53 on 11 May 2012


Full internet browsing on 360? Yes please!

Using IE? Nevermind...
Posted 16:19 on 11 May 2012
dudester's Avatar


Expertise and internet explorer doesn't exactly fill me with confidence.
Posted 12:11 on 11 May 2012
FantasyMeister's Avatar

FantasyMeister@ draytone

I'm an RPG player so I've got a USB keyboard practically soldered into my 360 at all times, essential for communicating essential information quickly, like "FFS!" Agree with widescreen browsing though, maybe that's one of the optimisations Microsoft have looked at already.
Posted 11:46 on 11 May 2012
draytone's Avatar


I'm the opposite. I've recently moved into an apartment which doesn't have an aerial, so rather then pay for someone to come out and install one I've just been using iPlayer / C4OD to watch the programmes I want. In that sense I've actually started to use my 360 less for games and more for entertainment.

That said, browsing the internet on a widescreen TV can be painful. Not many sites have been designed with those screen resolutions in mind. I also have a laptop which is easier to use then typing words in with the 360 controller.
Posted 11:31 on 11 May 2012

pblive@ FantasyMeister

I'm the same, FM. I bought my 360 to play games on, which it does very well. I do like the TV catchup and Netflix, but my main aim is to play games. Exactly the same with the PS3 really.
Posted 11:03 on 11 May 2012
munkee's Avatar


Kinect support, hey?
Posted 10:09 on 11 May 2012
FantasyMeister's Avatar

FantasyMeister@ Karlius

Karlius! You're back! Wondered where you'd got to. Anyhow, Microsoft can add bells and whistles galore to the 360 but I'm betting there won't be an alt-tab function so you can check a wiki whilst playing Minecraft on XBLA, for example.

As the 360 console becomes more and more functional, it also becomes less and less value for me, as all I want to do is play games on mine so I begrudge having to replace them (I'm on my third). On the flip-side to that, my Gold subscription becomes better value for money as time goes on.
Posted 10:02 on 11 May 2012


I don't think the PS3 browser is anything to do with the PS3 being an open system (only the removed Linux really made it vunerable). But then the brower on the PS3 is pretty restrictive, same on Vita.

If they use a mobile model as with the browers on Android and iOS then it would be fine. I'm sure Windows Mobile has a decent browser too but I've never used it.
Posted 10:01 on 11 May 2012
Karlius's Avatar


Personally I hope it doesn't happen at all. To ensure a secure console the browser will have to be extremely restricted and this will give a bad end user experience . If the browser is more open to allow a better experience it will allow a whole new raft of security vulnerabilities just like the PS3 and it's open platform. They will have to find some middle ground but I hope they don't bother.
Posted 09:38 on 11 May 2012
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