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Apple has announced two new products in its iPad range, the iPad mini and the fourth generation iPad (iPad 4). Both new iPads will be released on November 2, with pre-orders starting on October 26.

The iPad mini features a 7.9-inch screen, and is 23 per cent thinner and 53 per cent lighter than the third generation iPad - it doesn't have a Retina display, instead offering the same number of pixels as the iPad 2. Internally it's running on a dual-core A5 chip.

"iPad mini is every inch an iPad. With its gorgeous 7.9-inch display, iPad mini features the same number of pixels as the original iPad and iPad 2, so you can run more than 275,000 apps designed specifically for iPad," said Philip Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. "iPad mini is as thin as a pencil and as light as a pad of paper, yet packs a fast A5 chip, FaceTime HD and 5 megapixel iSight cameras and ultrafast wireless - all while delivering up to 10 hours of battery life."

The new fourth generation iPad features a 9.7-inch Retina display, a new Apple-designed A6X chip, FaceTime HD camera and ultrafast wireless performance. The iPad mini and fourth generation iPad come with iOS 6, the latest version of Apple's mobile iOS that hasn't gone down well with some users due to the removal of Google Maps.

iPad mini will be available starting at £269 for the 16GB model (£429 for 64GB). The iPad 4 starts at £399 for the 16GB version (£559 for the 64GB version).

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pblive@ altaranga

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Posted 13:43 on 24 October 2012
altaranga's Avatar


I bet you they're planning on an iPad Maxi, and THAT's why they haven't called this one a MiniPad.
Posted 13:41 on 24 October 2012
Joey_Bananas's Avatar


I don't know much about Apple and what their future plans are, but it seems like the iPad Mini is going to phase out the iPod Touch. Especially with the price point with which the two are listed at.

Are Apple intentionally competing against their own product? Preying on consumer's inability to choose between a smaller, convenient sized iPhone without call functionality or a smaller iPad that does everything the iPad and iPod does, but is a little bigger and costs a fraction more? I think they're trying to blur the lines and essentially saturate the market - of which they own a large percentage - of these devices.

I have an iPod Touch 3G, and have no intention of getting a new Apple product. When it dies, I will go get a generic - but decent - MP3 player because all I use it for is listening to Podcasts (such as the Videogamer one, which is great and I love the non-scripted and flow of the show - plus how it veers off into just general banter) and music. I use some Apps, but I find nowadays that Apps are quickly becoming unusable on my 3G version of iOS.

I find the release of the iPad 4, 6 months after the iPad 3, to be quite distasteful as well. Sure, it has a slightly better processor, but as far as I can tell that's all. It has the new "Lightning" (lame) USB ports, but it's hardly enough reason to be selling them at full price. It should've just been called iPad 3S because that's essentially what it is.

I really don't like Apple nowadays, with their blatant abuse of their market share and the widespread popularity they have in the tablet and handheld scene. I shouldn't really be that bothered, but it always surprises me how they can release things with such high price poiints and people flock to their products even if they're only a slight upgrade - if only to just "have it" and have the latest tech-gadget. No doubt a lot of people will be trading in their iPad 3 + £200 for an iPad 4 in the next few months.

Still, people are free to do with what they want with their money. Personally, I'm staying away from Apple.
Posted 13:38 on 24 October 2012
MJTH's Avatar


The problem I have with the Ipad Mini is with this on the market it just goes to show how over priced the I pod touch (fifth gen) is. This is £269, whereas for just £20 less you can get a new I pod touch. That's kind of a bad pricing scheme if you ask me, but then again I was thinking of geting an Ipod touch 5th gen at some point in the future (my Ipt 1st gen is on it's last legs), but now I'll feel a bit ripped off if I by one, but don't I want an Ipad mini.
Posted 11:40 on 24 October 2012
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