FIFA 14 screenshot
FIFA 14 screenshot

Speaking to at a behind closed doors E3 hands-on, David Rutter told us that his focus is simply on making the best game possible.

Asked whether he thought the differences in approach to DRM will affect FIFA communities, and whether he thought Sony might see an upswing in sales, Rutter stated:

"I have no idea. We're focused on making the most engaging and fun-to-play game, and I think we'll try and put it in as many places as we possibly can. We're as platform-agnostic as you can possibly get and so for us having gamers buy amazing consoles, and for us to make the most amazing game we can, that's all that I'm bothered about."

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GingerMessiah - If EA yearn for a better reputation then they should surely know that regardless of the console they should stray far away from the use of DRM in their future games. We all saw what happened with Sim City and how appalled the majority of 'hardcore gamers' are with the Xbox One's DRM policy right now.
Posted 20:25 on 13 June 2013

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