Mexican gymnast Elsa Garcia Rodriguez Blancas performed her London 2012 Olympic Games floor qualification routine to a The Legend of Zelda medley, reports Kotaku.

The music is an arrangement by violinist Lindsey Stirling.

Sadly, Elsa's Zelda inspired performance wasn't well received by the judges, placing only 35th.

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Ghost_Dog's Avatar


She should have received an automatic first place for her choice of music.
Posted 16:00 on 02 August 2012
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Endless@ Woffls

It's just a shame she came 35th lol. LIndsey Stirling is over-rated imo, her production quality is nice but I generally feel her arrangements are a tad too busy and contrived.
Posted 13:43 on 02 August 2012
Woffls's Avatar


That is SO cool. And then all the flips and stuff!? Cool. Cool, cool, cool.
Posted 11:31 on 02 August 2012
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