Guitar Hero 5 screenshot
Guitar Hero 5 screenshot

Activision Blizzard has confirmed that this autumn will see the release of Guitar Hero 6, followed by the next entry in the DJ Hero franchise.

"Guitar Hero remains the leader in the [music] category, with more than $44 million games sold as of to date. This fall, we expect to launch Guitar Hero 6 and soon after we expect to launch the next DJ Hero," said COO and CFO, Thomas Tippl during the publisher's Q1 earnings call. "This year, we've added more great original music, new and innovative gameplay modes and a significantly enhanced social gameplay experience. We expect to follow each release with a full-line up of exciting downloadable content."

Tippl also acknowledged that the music category will continue to shrink in 2010 as a result of a move from the "sell-through of higher-priced peripherals" to a "higher percentage of software sales".

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guyderman's Avatar


It' weird how, like with many franchises, people tend to side with one or the other. I myself have always preferred the Harmonix games to the Neversoft offerings so have championed RB over GH in the recent years - the truth of the matter is that to get the best experience and a full range of choice you need both - there are ways that RB is better than GH and vice versa and there are also 2 sides to every argument. Take the Band releases - I'd much sooner have 25 tracks that are by the band that I am buying the add on for and get it for a lower price - RB:AC/DC for example - than pay full price for GH:Van Halen and have a set list full of filler tracks by bands that don't interest me - at the end of the day I'm buying that game for VH tracks.

A lot of the differences between the two games I think come down to personal taste and also I think what you are most used to playing. I now prefer the smaller rectangles on the fret boards to the larger discs - but this is only because I play RB more - when I first played RB after playing GH games I found them really difficult to follow.

I used to also argue regarding RB's DLC - personally I think this has gone down the pan in recent months and the DLC has been pretty poor - again though this is for my personal tastes, I dare say there are people out there who are loving what's been released recently.

The one thing that I think both franchises need is more well known tracks to mix in with the obscure. There is nowhere near enough party style tracks that will get people singing and wanting to play - which I find quite weird considering you always hear it referred to as the ultimate party game! Money for Nothing is exactly the kind of track I'm talking about!
Posted 19:22 on 09 May 2010
El-Dev's Avatar


I read on there was some market research in to GH RHCP, I would definately buy that despite not really liking GH games.
Posted 23:57 on 08 May 2010
Woffls's Avatar


End of the day if you feel better about buying Rock Band then go ahead; it's fun for multiplayer. But god damn Harmonix do not make those games to be fun on single player guitar, EVER. They're all terrible for single player guitar experiences. yeh yeh I get not everyone plays the game the same way I do, but MOST people play on their own with a guitar.

Money for Nothing? Uh oh, looks like I'm paying attention to Guitar Hero again >_< I lost interest at World Tour when they started making it for casuals and rejected the single player experience as 'peripheral'. Screw you Harmonix.
Posted 23:30 on 08 May 2010
Clockpunk's Avatar


Nonsense ;) - Rock Band has some good ideas, but for over the top fun, better (imho) music (numerically less DLC, but more I have purchased), more colorful characters and gigs, and the round notes instead of piddly rectangles - GH is still the best for my tastes.

Even the band releases are much better than Harmonix's paltry efforts. Take Aerosmith - good music from both the band and the Joe Perry Project, custom guitars taken from the band, 50% more colorfully presented stages than Green Day: Rock Band will contain, and good songs from guest artists. True, it could have benefitted from closer-related artists, and extra material explaining the choice, but it was still good.

Same goes for Metallica - King Diamond and Lemmy were brilliant guest stars. I can't forgive Harmonix's bigotted attitude towards Europe.

Edit: Plus, apparently Dire Straits - Money For Nothing has been leaked as a track. Game Over. That song is THE one these series should have had since the beginning. That's my preorder guaranteed.
Posted 14:19 on 07 May 2010
Endless's Avatar


The leader in music category by sales...what because you released the same game 5-6 times with different music? Rock Band is still king imo. GH hasn't been good since GH3.
Posted 12:46 on 07 May 2010

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