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A block on pre-owned games on next generation consoles would have a drastic impact on consumer interest, according to games retailer GameStop.

"We know the desire to purchase a next-generation console would be significantly diminished if new consoles were to prohibit playing pre-owned games, limit portability or not play new physical games," GameStop spokesperson Matt Hodges said in an e-mail to Bloomberg.

Currently the block on pre-owned is a rumour tied to the next Xbox. Anti used-game tech rumours first surfaced in 2012, but the latest story comes from highly respected UK games publication EDGE.

Source: Bloomberg

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Wow, that's an unexpected stance on the issue from GameStop. Never thought I'd see the day when they'd be against any move to stamp out the second hand market.

It wouldn't stop me buying one.
Posted 12:24 on 08 February 2013
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