For the first time in years FIFA and PES are, seemingly, back on level pegging, but which one is best? presents both sides of the argument with PES 2014 reviewer Jon Denton backing Pro Evolution Soccer, and FIFA 14 reviewer Brett Phipps backing EA's juggernaut.

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The online battle between these two is worth a mention. My friends and I switched over to PES last year, fed up with the cheating on Fifa, only to find the online mode not present until a patch came out weeks later. Then there was no option to play with friends unless you left the AI in charge of the Any role, and very little other modes. On top of that, the lag was so oppressively awful that the game was basically unplayable. From what I've seen on forums so far, this incarnation is just as buggy and laggy.

We switched straight back to Fifa.
Fifa has a sh*t-ton of online modes, including pro clubs, which would be excellent if EA didn't create a game that rewards stat-boosting, whilst never really penalising quitting. I play on xbox live with 4 friends, and friday nights are spent getting more and more angry as countless 4ft tall midgets with afros ping balls over the top and break at double the speed of our defenders. We rarely get a game against a side who actually want to play football.

Neither game suits us, we play Fifa because at least it has a mode where we can create a team and play together. All we're really after is online co-op career, where we can take a team through a league campaign against the AI. Then we wouldn't have to suffer the many cheats and quitters, and could just enjoy knocking the ball about. If either of these games introduced such a feature, we'd buy it regardless of the pros and cons to gameplay.
Posted 16:58 on 24 September 2013

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