FIFA 14 screenshot
FIFA 14 screenshot

EA has announced a number of upcoming changes to this year's FIFA 14. While there are no game-shifting additions, a lot of problems that were slight frustrations last year do seem to have been dealt with. Here they are in a handy list:

  • Leagues have been expanded to 10 divisions from the previous 5.
  • Chemistry Styles have been introduced with 'formation consumables' scrapped: Every player in the game will have a playing style, be it defensive focussed, or striker-centric. These new consumable items boost certain attributes (six total attributes will be affected). For example, the 'finishing' Chemistry Style affects a player’s shooting and heading attributes.
  • These Chemistry styles are also available for goalkeepers.
  • This all allows for greater personalisation of the players and gives greater depth to formations. EA demonstrated a 4-3-3 formation with the same players in two different approaches using Chemistry Styles, one that exploits a target striker and another that uses overlapping fullbacks.
  • Green arrows show how much stats are influenced and how they can change the chemistry.
  • In response to community feedback, single online matches have been added. This was the most requested feature post FIFA 13 launch.
  • New customisation options include being able to now set player roles (penalty kick takers, corner takers) and you can also choose your player numbers.
  • New transfer market search options will be made available. Can search for players by name and everything is much easier to navigate.
  • EA has introduced a new squad screen. Now much cleaner with an emphasis on your starting 11 rather than the clutter of the bench and bars that used to dominate the screen on the left and right.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team is the only mode where you can access and manage squad away from the console.

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