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EA has confirmed that NBA Jam creator Mark Turmell has been hired as Tiburon’s new Senior Creative Director where he'll work on the Madden and NCAA franchises.

"I have focused on arcade sports and fighting game titles for the last 17 years, and even though they aren't traditional sims, there are huge lessons learned that can be applied to sim titles," said Turmell during an EA Q&A.

"The industry and audience is changing fairly dramatically, and often times our customer is looking for a quicker, more streamlined experience. That type of thinking was required in the arcades, and is becoming more important for all platforms. I love the arcade style games, but certainly understand the difference and requirements for sim products."

He added: "I love to have my hands on the sticks, trying to improve pacing, impact of moves, velocities, AI decisions, etc. We have many talented developers in the mix on football, but hopefully I can bring a little extra magic to the mix and our games will appeal to an even larger audience. It doesn't get much better than working on EA football titles!"

Turmell's new role at EA also adds weight to rumours earlier this week that the publisher is to revive the NBA Jam franchise with a new release on Wii.

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JediKnight's Avatar


I was playing the NBA Jam TE addition on the SNES the other night - still fun as ever.
For the casual and pickup/play market, a new itteration with updated abilities would be most welcome.
Posted 18:18 on 08 January 2010
dudester's Avatar


I had nba jam back on the snes and it was badass 2 on 2 bbal and lighting it up and smashing the backboard with jams a new version of that yes please.

I know they have tried to copy the style in the past with fifa street nba street etc but I do feel those games always lacked something getting the guy who had the original idea might be a good thing.
Posted 13:37 on 08 January 2010
rbevanx's Avatar


Well I loved NBA Jam so I'm actually interested in a basketball game coming out for once
Posted 12:11 on 08 January 2010
SexyJams's Avatar


I can never muster up any enthusiasm about Sports games...
Posted 11:37 on 08 January 2010
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