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Speaking to during the recent Shine Week in London, EA UK boss Keith Ramsdale has said the advent of motion control technology should not be viewed as a threat to the industry.

Commenting on the recent unveiling of Microsoft's Project Natal and Sony's wand-based motion controller, Ramsdale said:

"I think they’re really interesting," he explained. "What Nintendo have done is shown a fabulous interface for a mass market population. The appetite for video games has grown significantly because you don’t have to button mash. It makes the whole thing much more accessible. You’ve only got to watch who doesn’t play games as a hobby, who plays games casually, their ability to get straight into a game on the Wii is far greater than when they have to press buttons.

"It seems a logical step for Microsoft and Sony to have motion sensors or visual sensors to enable that interface with the games. It’s fantastic. It will work particularly well on some genres, maybe not so well on others, but overall I think it’s going to be a great benefit to the industry. Nintendo have shown just how it can be exploited."

Addressing concern amongst certain vocal hardcore gamers that motion technology is damaging to the industry, Ramsdale said the reality is quite the opposite.

"People look back too much instead of looking forward," said the UK boss. "What these devices and mechanics bring, a lot of stuff we haven’t even figured out yet. We’re going to be doing that over the next few years. The opportunities are much greater by having numerous interfaces between the player and the content. Your opportunities become so much greater.

"Is there a threat to the industry? No, not in any way, shape or form. Complete the opposite. This allows us to go into an area of entertainment that isn’t thought of."

However, motion technology doesn't signal the end of traditional 'core games' points out Ramsdale, so long as the audience is there.

"... while there remains an audience for certain traditional types of core games, and it’s a financially viable audience, companies are still going to make those games," said Ramsdale. "Of course they are."

Do you agree with Ramsdale; are traditional gamers too focussed on gaming in the past? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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I dont just have fun playing games tbh. I have a lot of thing

Just depends on the game I guess, But i still at the heart enjoy every game, or I would not play it.
Posted 21:49 on 20 July 2009
CrustyJockStrap's Avatar

CrustyJockStrap@ renegade

I did not say games were better in my day.

I said the reasion I play games now is the same as 20 years ago which is about fun and enjoyment nothing more nothing less, It would do you well to read what I wrote!

Same as I read a book same as i wacth a film or TV.
Posted 20:09 on 20 July 2009
jakeistheman's Avatar


all i was saying renegade was that u wer contradicting ur self but if ur fine with that,ok.
Posted 20:00 on 20 July 2009


Well gaming is a bit different now lets be honest.

It is 100 times more mainstream than it was, so more people are involved which is good of course.

But more main stream means more people to talk about it and discuss it etc. So please go on, keep saying games are just fun it was better in my day.

But this is the now, don't dwell on the past.
Posted 19:27 on 20 July 2009
CrustyJockStrap's Avatar

CrustyJockStrap@ renegade

Why I see no difference now to 10 15 or 20 years ago.

The reasion I play games today is the same as 20 years ago.

Like I said befor these labels are pointless as everybody interpritate them different, that my opinion.

And I fully disagree with your interpritation.

You tell me to stop beining it up it's my opinion and yet you keep brining yours up but i am not aloud to.

So much for a descusution and opinions!!
Posted 18:14 on 20 July 2009


Tbh jakeistheman

i just reply to each post as I go, If you quote my old post I probably wont agree with myself any more, as I start to favour what others say, or how others put there point across.

Oh what was that, I can be changed :O

OMG HE IS NOT HUMAN! the kids have given up!
Posted 16:58 on 20 July 2009



Dont keep bringing in that old Chestnut mate.

Because that old record is becoming an ancient peace of Vinyl
Posted 16:56 on 20 July 2009
CrustyJockStrap's Avatar


I remember back in the day when games were enjoyed for being games.
Posted 16:49 on 20 July 2009
jakeistheman's Avatar


@ terebi is it wrong to feel insecure when the "casual" market is full of money and things that havent been tryed or done.Lets face it companys and gaming companys are usally only looking at the $$$ and if they can make more money in one area instead of another why wouldent they switch not saying that all the game companys will but some are already starting to and the feeling builds.therefore "hardcore" gamers have a reason to feel insecure.and @shiny dragon i dont have a problem flaping my arms around i just dont find it that fun as i stated before there are diferent interpretations of fun not everyone finds the wiis controls fun.@ renegade if u side with sock u wrote all those posts for nothing just thought id add that in.
Posted 16:15 on 20 July 2009
sock's Avatar


"@Sock: Coming by and just saying "there's a gray area" adds nothing to a discussion. If anything, it is only an argument about how the words "casual" and "hardcore" are really awfull (user-generated definition) words to describe games and people."

I have to say you are missing my point Terebi, I thing renegade gets it but its just gone right over your one track mind. The point is that all games fit in to the gray, just sometimes they are a little more in one direction making them easier to play "hardcore"/"casualy" it is ultimately down to how we each play them that makes the choice in are minds. Take CSS for example I play it casualy, mabey an hour a night if im borde, but I also know that people play it Hardcore, that is my point, which rather makes this argument pointless.
Posted 15:17 on 20 July 2009


ok guys, what are we talking about here

Hardcore gamers of which i am, being as a play games a lot of games, and I like to complete games and challenge myself doing so. I love the likes of CS:S and Metal Gear Solid. But equally plants v Zombies and Flower.

So Surely im a Hardcore or Core gamer based on how I play them, and how often, more than my choice of games. Because if it is on my choice of games, then ill call my self a gamer. If you got a problem with that then tuff tittys

If we are talking about what is a hardcore game or not. TBH who cares, lets make every one happy and say Mario is as hardcore as "Blood killing, Driving sex drink and rock and roll the video game for MEN!". And Killzone 2 is as casual as a "The super, but yet casual, happy super family pack of casual family games"

Go look it up, it is in fact a real game..
Posted 14:58 on 20 July 2009
Shiny_Dragon's Avatar


Getting back to the original point: theres no reason why a motion based controller wouldnt work well in a FPS or similar kill 'em up. It might even make things more fun. True, flapping arms about does make one look a bit of a tool BUT most of us tend to wave the pad about gurning furiously when things get heated. So I dont think we need worry about that too much!
Posted 13:40 on 20 July 2009
Terebi's Avatar


"people seem to care more about games. And peoples opinions on games are shared a lot more often then films among youth these days."

Lee made a point about "hardcore" behaviour. Actually, jakeistheman sums up really well what's the feeling of the "hardcore": they are afraid their games are going away, in favour of the "casual" games.

But look at this: up until now, most of the games done for consoles were no problem for the now-called "hardcore". Nintendo comes up and tries to attract more people, and does games which might interest non-gamers as well. This is why they are complaining: the "gaming arena" is no longer theirs alone. And the fear that the "hardcore" games might disappear... why so insecure? No wonder people are discussing about this, the "hardcore" do sound like spoiled kids!

@Sock: Coming by and just saying "there's a gray area" adds nothing to a discussion. If anything, it is only an argument about how the words "casual" and "hardcore" are really awfull (user-generated definition) words to describe games and people.
Posted 10:43 on 20 July 2009


Why, well because this is hardly a discussion most of the time is it. Most people just flap there E-Peens around in each others faces.

Not worth Arguing over, so I'm going to side with Sock and that be the end of it.
Posted 10:07 on 20 July 2009
StrikeForce's Avatar


Lee. Ego, age. You shown that many times.

@ Ren why should this die? Nothing wrong from having a bit of a discussion.

Motion controls still need to be worked on in the lab. I do believe motion controls will be a main attraction to games.
Posted 09:49 on 20 July 2009
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