ps3 dualshock1 -
ps3 dualshock1 -

A DualShock 3 controller is required to play PlayStation titles streamed to smartphones and tablets via PlayStation Now, Sony has confirmed.

The news was confirmed by SCEA marketing exec John Koller, who told CVG that PlayStation Now titles streamed to mobile devices "need to go through the DualShock" and that alternative touch-based methods would not be offered.

"The DualShock remains the key ingredient," he said. "So that controller experience needs to go perfectly. We didn't want to utilise touch screen or anything like that because the games are best played with a DualShock."

He continued: "It requires the DualShock. The DualShock 3 specifically. To enable tablet and smartphone play, you've got to have the DualShock 3."

A DualShock 3 will not be required for PS Now gameplay on PlayStation 4, however, where a DualShock 4 will remain compatible.

As well as pairing a DualShock 3 to your smartphone and tablet (presumably via Bluetooth), PS Now users will also be able to link the controller directly to their Bravia TV.

The first footage of PS3 title The Last of Us running on PlayStation Vita and a Bravia TV via PlayStation Now surfaced online overnight.


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I was kind of hoping that they'd make the PS4 compatible with smartphones to be honest - it's a far nicer pad than the DS3!
Posted 23:43 on 08 January 2014
NickTheSwede's Avatar


The idea of the last of us or littlebigplanet on an not sony product is crazy, like and Ipad or Galaxy
Posted 22:51 on 08 January 2014
Karlius's Avatar


I think when it launches the TV/SmartPhone integration avenue is genius. Maximising profit at it's best!
Posted 13:27 on 08 January 2014
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