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And the first Wii U Virtual Console GBA game is...

Advance Wars will arrive on April 3.

2 Publish date 3:20pm at 25 Mar 2014

Nintendo will continue to sell DS hardware

Lack of a forecast in financials isn't a sign the handheld's run is over.

6 Publish date 2:21pm at 24 Apr 2013

Nintendo returns to gamescom

Skipped 2012, but will be back with Wii U and 3DS this year.

1 Publish date 3:32pm at 20 Feb 2013

Three new LEGO games based on Legends of Chima

A fantasy land inhabited by magical animal tribes.

5 Publish date 3:28pm at 02 Jan 2013

UK Video Game Chart: FIFA 13 fends off Dishonored, Pokemon and XCOM

Dishonored is the biggest new IP launch of 2012, whilst Fable: The Journey debuts at No.37.

Publish date 9:35am at 15 Oct 2012

Pachter thinks Wii U is very similar to DS, and third-parties will fail on the platform

Nintendo will pioneer on the platform, with others jumping in late before swiftly bailing.

6 Publish date 11:34am at 11 Oct 2012

PETA release Pokemon parody game

Claims titles such as Pokemon feature themes of animal abuse.

10 Publish date 5:04pm at 08 Oct 2012

World's best Pokémon players included in Black and White 2

Will be the basis for Pokémon Trainers in the upcoming sequel.

Publish date 12:05pm at 24 Sep 2012

Pick up Pokémon Black or White Version 2 at launch for free Genesect Pokémon

Mythical Pokémon restored from a 300 million year old fossil.

3 Publish date 10:28am at 11 Sep 2012

Pokémon typing game to ship with DS wireless keyboard

Learn With Pokémon: Typing Adventure will ship with a Nintendo Wireless Keyboard and Compact Stand when it is released on September 21, Nintendo has announced.

3 Publish date 10:08am at 16 Aug 2012

Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney coming to Europe in December?

Cross your fingers, touch wood and give your bunny a foot massage: it looks like Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney could be heading to Europe this December.

4 Publish date 10:04am at 17 Jul 2012

Pokemon Black and White 2 sales past two million sales

416,000 copies sold in the sequel's second week on release.

Publish date 4:21pm at 04 Jul 2012

Pokemon Black and White 2 out October 12 in the UK

Pokemon Black Version 2 and Pokemon White Version 2 will be released for DS systems on October 12 in the UK, Nintendo has announced.

Publish date 3:44pm at 28 Jun 2012

Pokemon Black & White 2 sold 1.6 million copies in just two days in Japan

Nintendo's Pokemon Black Version 2 and Pokemon White Version 2 sold a combined 1,618,621 copies during its first two days on sale in Japan.

4 Publish date 9:43am at 26 Jun 2012

Pokemon players can catch the Mythical Dark-type Pokemon Darkrai

Mythical Dark-type Pokemon Darkrai is now available for Pokemon Black and White via a free character distribution over Nintendo WiFi Connection.

Publish date 5:17pm at 09 May 2012
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