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Disney has announced that LucasArts will cease to develop games as of today. Shifting the studio to a licensing-only model, it will likely mean the end of the road for the exceptionally promising Star Wars 1313 and Star Wars: First Assault.

A statement issued to Game Informer also confirmed that many LucasArts' employees would, unfortunately, lose their jobs.

"After evaluating our position in the games market, we've decided to shift LucasArts from an internal development to a licensing model, minimizing the company's risk while achieving a broader portfolio of quality Star Wars games," read the announcement.

While the news does mean Star Wars titles can be developed by other companies, it's a heartbreaking end for a studio that has provided a number of memorable games over the years from the likes of Monkey Island and Grim Fandango to the more recently released Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

It also asks the question what will happen to the rich IP it has been associated with over the years and if games within such franchises will ever get the chance to see new entries in the future, Star Wars 1313 included.

Disney is still on course to release Disney Infinity later on this year.

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altaranga's Avatar


I think Star Wars 1313 and/or Star Wars: First Assault will see the light of day.
Posted 11:41 on 04 April 2013
Clockpunk's Avatar


I only hope TellTale might acquire the rights to do an episodic series based on Maniac Mansion/Day of the Tentacle...
Posted 11:35 on 04 April 2013
munkee's Avatar


While on the topic of LucasArts. I'd like to see "The Dig" re-released on iOS.
Posted 10:16 on 04 April 2013
EverTheOptimist's Avatar


I know someone who used to work there (they left before this), he said employees were treated unbelievably well.

I must say, I'm a little disappointed - having little interest in Star Wars means I was surprised to be kind of hyped for 1313. Oh well, maybe the new J.J. Abrams flicks will pull me in.
Posted 07:50 on 04 April 2013
FantasyMeister's Avatar


Disney have always been a mickey mouse outfit.
Posted 02:53 on 04 April 2013
bboscoe's Avatar


Battlefront III, that was all we asked for. This is crap news :-( Hopefully though it'll mean that some of the IPs can be sold to a dev that gives a *****. Fingers crossed
Posted 00:36 on 04 April 2013
Thel-Win-Man's Avatar


N-n-n-n-no.. Battlefront III. The dream will never be realised. :(
Posted 23:08 on 03 April 2013
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