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Game developers have chosen Valve as the most desirable developer/publisher to work for, even ahead of working for themselves, an Independent Game Developers Association survey of over 2200 devs has revealed.

Valve, makers of CS, Half-Life, Dota 2, Team Fortress, Left 4 Dead and more, also won out ahead of Activision Blizzard, BioWare and Ubisoft.

Family friendly Nintendo ranked No.7, followed by Naughty Dog, Double Fine and Bethesda Game Studios.

Top 10 most desirable places to work:

1. Valve
2. My own company
3. Activision Blizzard
4. BioWare
5. Ubisoft
6. Current employer
7. Nintendo
8. Naughty Dog
9. Double Fine
10. Bethesda Game Studios

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Are you sure most don't want to work for Kotaku now?

Too soon?
Posted 22:22 on 20 August 2014


I know little of Valve's working method, but I don't know why people would work for them if they want to make games. They're not so much a games developer anymore in the traditional sense, they have their hands in everything, from digital distribution, to software, hardware and such. The closest example would be like working for Sony, MS or Nintendo, and they all seem a bit... difficult to work for form what i've read.

Working for yourself makes sense, you have final say on money, direction, type of game, all the key creative stuff.

Activison Blizzard I again don't get. They're big on franchises, not really supporting creative freedom on projects. But I suppose it's a stable job considering their intake of moneys.

Bioware I do get though, they have a diverse staff, encourage creativity and ideas of all, promote freedom of time to work, all the stuff Google is famous for.

To say the least, it seems like a diverse list of what smaller devs want from a career. Interesting indeed/
Posted 22:20 on 20 August 2014
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