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Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China is a 2.5D platformer developed by Climax

Due to release on PS4, Xbox One and PC by early 2015.

1 Publish date Today, 17:25pm

Lords of the Fallen is 900p on Xbox One, 1080p on PS4

"But apart from that there's nothing different," City Interactive promises.

1 Publish date Today, 17:00pm

Vagrant Story, Crash Bandicoot & Driver available at PlayStation TV UK launch

Full launch line-up confirmed – reads like a console launch from yesteryear.

Publish date Today, 16:57pm

Will Sunset Overdrive come to PC? Here's what Insomniac has to say

Developer hasn't ruled out a PC port, but there are 'no plans' for it at the moment.

4 Publish date Today, 16:31pm

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sold over 10 million units in three days

Sets a new record after launching on September 19.

Publish date Today, 14:09pm

Free online multiplayer on PS4 this weekend

Play Destiny, FIFA 15, Diablo 3 with friends.

Publish date Today, 12:35pm

GAME to open over 300 stores for FIFA 15 midnight launch

Professional footballers to challenge fans to one-on-one matches at stores up and down the country.

Publish date Today, 11:55am

Final Fantasy XV demo will feature 3-4 hours of gameplay

And you may even get to ride a Chocobo.

Publish date Today, 11:40am

Final Fantasy XV demo will be available on March 20, Square Enix confirms

UPDATE: Or maybe not. Square backtracks, says it can't yet confirm a specific date for playable demo.

Publish date 12:32pm at 18 Sep 2014

PES 2015 demo to launch in Europe on Wednesday following brief delay

Konami sorry for week-long delay.

Publish date Today, 11:15am

Dark Souls 2 Crown of the Ivory King DLC will now launch a week later than planned

Steam on September 30, PSN/Xbox Marketplace on October 1.

Publish date Today, 11:13am

UK Video Game Chart: Destiny comfortably holds at No.1

Disney Infinity 2.0 is new at No.2 with sales up 32% over the first game.

Publish date Today, 10:52am

Project Morpheus is '85% complete', says Yoshida

Smartphone components to keep the costs down.

Publish date Today, 10:21am

MMO fans angered by ArcheAge pricing

Monthly Patron price ~20% more expensive than previously promised.

Publish date Today, 10:06am
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