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Speaking to, Jeffrey spoke candidly about the future of the PSP, expressing real concern about the format's future.

"To be honest and frank about it we worry about the future of the PSP," said Jeffery. "In terms of sales of the actual units, it's not doing so great. The DS is going gangbusters, the sales volumes are going up exponentially. But the PSP worries us, because we're sitting here thinking about what Sony is going to do to get the platform back on track and we're not hearing much from them."

Jeffrey believes that there are two avenues Sony can explore in order to rejuvenate the PSP: redesign the handheld to make it more appealing or to get a strong download system in place.

"... it's a big bit of kit to lug around and the battery life's not great. Perhaps they could bring out a 'PSP Lite' or something along those lines," said Jeffery. "Another thing that would be smart is to get into a downloadable games model, which Sony hasn't really done yet. There's Wi-Fi possibilities and memory stick features that could be used - we can see where Sony could take the platform to re-energise it."

With the DS going from strength to strength and support for the platform growing with each console sold, how long will it be before Sony acts? Sooner rather than later seems likely.

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Martin@ Playstation5

I'm starting to feel sorry for Sony. The DS Lite is outselling it 5:1 in Japan and 2:1 in North America. It continues to make strong war type games that lack the fun of my DS titles. The system shouldn't even count as portable-my Wii could last longer unplugged than Sony's PSP battery life. By the way I own both so I CAN judge them fairly. Skip the PSP and skip the PS3 and just buy yourself an awesome DS and Wii combo for three times less money
Posted 03:51 on 15 December 2006
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steve@ Playstation5

i dont see how things are going bad
i mean
psp has been putting out a lot of very good games
and the price HAS dropped $50 since launch
at least, they released the core psp for $50 less, which is essententially a psp without spiderman
i have to agree
taking some bulk outta the psp would help
but what could u do
i dont wanna take anything off the b-e-a-u-ti-ful screen
and everything else fits perfectly
i dunno
im happy with my psp
and i hope that sales improve
just for sony's sake
Posted 04:03 on 24 November 2006
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Jams@ Playstation5

One way they could improve sales is by making some decent games for it, and dropping the price...
Posted 16:23 on 22 November 2006
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I paid £160 launch, how dare they improve on it. I mean I still have my DS fatty, and it beats the defective rejects of the DS lite, then sony should. But not ruin it for me, those jerks.
Posted 12:44 on 22 November 2006
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