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The latest update for Capcom's hit iOS title Smurf's Village will introduce a cap for microtransactions within the game.

This update will restrict the number of purchases that can be made in-game, with users limited to five purchases every 15 minutes.

According to Pocketgamer this has been implemented due to pressure from Apple who had received numerous complaints from users who had unintentionally spent a fortune thanks to microtransactions.

Prior to this Apple had enforced a system where users were asked to input their iTunes password before every purchase. Analysis

It's a sad and strange day when a successful company has to remind consumers not to spend too much money.

However many of these purchases have been made by unwitting children with access to a parent's Visa. The lesson being: stop letting your kids into your bloody wallet.

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User Comments

pblive@ mydeaddog

Too late, while playing to review the game, the wife got hold of my iPad. I've been trying to wrestle it back ever since.
Posted 18:56 on 10 May 2011
mydeaddog's Avatar


My housemate is utterly addicted to this game. I advise everyone to steer well clear, lest you start waking up in the middle of the night worried about your virtual mushroom harvest.
Posted 18:16 on 10 May 2011
Woffls's Avatar


Well that's quite nice of them really. Companies shouldn't have to impose limitations on people who are too stupid/ignorant to spend their money wisely; that's how capitalism works!
Posted 17:52 on 10 May 2011


It's not really needed anyway since Apple made changes to the way in-app purchases are made after the Capcom issue, but still...
Posted 17:37 on 10 May 2011
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