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Will the NGP be able to play PS3 games remotely via WiFi? Apparently so, if a blog post by a GAME employee is to be believed.

According to the blog, a Sony rep stopped by GAME to discuss the NGP and revealed a number of features, the most interesting of which being PS3 remote play.

"If you are connected to WiFi anywhere in the world and your PS3 is on standby at home, you can play the game in your PS3 on your NGP without the disk," reads the blog.

If true this will be a big step up from the current PSP, which can remote play certain PSN titles installed on the PS3. It was also discovered that PS3 game Lair could be played via Remote play.

Sony was unable to confirm the feature of the NGP, but did issue a statement.

"We are evaluating the opportunity to offer non-gaming applications/content and will announce further details when ready," Sony told Analysis

If full PS3 remote play via the NGP is true it will be an excellent feature for the handheld, but we're a little sceptical. With more details on the handheld unlikely to be revealed until E3 in June, we've got a few months to wait until we get our answer.

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Woffls's Avatar

Woffls@ II-Rossco-II

Ah, sorry, it said "anywhere in the world" so I got confused! It still wont work, and for the same reasons. It might just manage it on a local network without severely compromising quality, and if it is - as you say - even worse than OnLive, then that's just not a service worth having!

I'm sure it'll be fine for video and music over wifi, but games, definitely not.
Posted 18:37 on 28 January 2011
II-Rossco-II's Avatar

II-Rossco-II@ Woffls

its not over 3g on the psp, its over wifi and it suffers from the same problems as onlive.... its so laggy and unplayable in any games that arent turn based(remote play is alot worse than onlive), its also easier to send video output than the actual data that needs to be processed......... Remote play is actually fantastic if you have playtv as you can watch tv anywhere in the world and obv it doesn't matter if your input is delayed
Posted 18:29 on 28 January 2011
Woffls's Avatar

Woffls@ II-Rossco-II

Then that's even more unlikely because you're essentially using OnLive at that stage. Your PS3 would need to render everything as usual, encode AND heavily compress the video output, then send it over 3G... 3G for crying out loud. I can barely stream an MP3 over 3G, let alone compressed PS3 output.
Posted 18:22 on 28 January 2011
mikejosh1978's Avatar


Remote Play was a crock on PsP & ain't much better with Aino so i'll reserve judgement till i have the opportunity to use this item for myself.
Posted 18:18 on 28 January 2011
IndoorHeroes's Avatar


Yeah, thats how they got Lair working on PSP1 isn't it?
Posted 18:02 on 28 January 2011
II-Rossco-II's Avatar

II-Rossco-II@ Woffls

I dont believe it works like that(on psp1), it does all the processing on the ps3 then sends the video output to the psp which then sends back the input
Posted 17:56 on 28 January 2011
Stegosaurus-Guy-II's Avatar


No way is that true.
Posted 17:52 on 28 January 2011
Woffls's Avatar


So aaallll the data that the PS3 processes, is somehow magically sent to your NGP in real-time, anywhere in the world? Even on a local network that's a stretch.

No. Sorry. Not happening. PSN titles maybe, but not full on PS3 titles.
Posted 17:49 on 28 January 2011
RecoN's Avatar


On the live feed they said they are trying to implement this and will be revealed more at this years E3
Posted 17:40 on 28 January 2011
II-Rossco-II's Avatar

II-Rossco-II@ Clockpunk

This feature is in the psp1... it didn't work great(was laggy) but you could still play certain games...
Posted 17:40 on 28 January 2011
IndoorHeroes's Avatar


Seems feasable to me. Would be a hell of a feature.
Posted 17:38 on 28 January 2011
Clockpunk's Avatar


Molyneux?? That you moonlighting over at Sony HQ?

I can't wait to see how many of these rumoured features will actually make it into the finished product. I call nonsense on this one.
Posted 17:35 on 28 January 2011
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