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Blizzard fans were out in force in London tonight, celebrating the launch of the much anticipated World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade expansion, but another Blizzard game might have stolen the limelight.

Itzik Ben Bassat, Vice President Business Development and International for Blizzard Entertainment, took the stage at HMV Oxford Street, London, and said some rather revealing words.

"I'm a StarCraft player myself and I hope it's not a decade, and we launched StarCraft in 1998, before I'm standing here again, celebrating the next game in the series," stated Bassat while on stage.

So, while not an official date for the next game in the StarCraft series, a new game by 2008 looks very likely. We'll keep our ear to the ground for more info.

Earlier today Blizzard game designer Jonathan LeCraft revealed to Pro-G that Blizzard has no plans to bring its hit MMO World of Warcraft to consoles.

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I've seriously been waiting forever. Wow Can kiss my bum. Starcraft is where it's at. No if only Ghost game out.....
Posted 17:43 on 08 March 2007
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to be quite honest with everyone starcraft sucks arse but i respect you novice tendencies, but when the hell is diablo 3 being released ,

ive heard rumours of summer 07 and xmas and even as long as summer 08 anyone know when


Posted 13:21 on 05 March 2007
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yea i loved the story line.
I also loves makeing maps.
So i would like a better engine one that can handle more.

I don't much care for the game that are out there currently.

SC was suppose to be in development for atleast 7 years now.
I remember there was suppose to be plans on SC2 when we finish broodwar.

I have to admit the worse part of the game was the hacker well it was a bit fun beating them seeing cheaters doesn't have any skill even with the advantage they gain from those hack programs.
Posted 07:24 on 05 March 2007
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Bran Dawri

I don't care about the graphics or even if they continue with theo old SC engine and graphics, but I want them finish that damn storyline!
It's one of the things that made SC great - it's a fantastic RTS with an actual storyline!
Posted 11:48 on 04 March 2007
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okay that was very rude
who the creep that took mine name

(getting to see why other site req. one to register)

who ever it was it was very childish
Posted 06:54 on 03 March 2007
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blizzard sucks!!!
Posted 18:42 on 02 March 2007
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Starcraft Is The Best Game Ever There Will be a starcraft 2 because for 2-3 years now they have been talking about starcraft 2 in Blizz
Posted 00:12 on 26 February 2007
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I waited for the next StarCraft ever since I finish brood war.
I haven’t play the game in ages since it release.

The editor I thought had it limits I was always overloading it.
Too many script made some cancel each other out. =^-^=

I hope they do bring back StarCraft and keep it original design.
Also to improve the editor so we can place more and get more out of it.

I don’t have any copy of the maps I use to make nor do I have mine copy.
I think someone took mine copy of the game.
Am glad other still playing the game and was hoping to rejoin the game after such a long time away.
Posted 00:22 on 24 February 2007
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i think star craft is a very good pc game and it is my personal favorite i hope it will apear soon
Posted 08:19 on 14 February 2007
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wats starcraft??
Posted 23:02 on 13 February 2007
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but when i said that sc was just to fund there beloved wc series i meant it as in it made them ass loads of cash and it launched there entire online gaming community
Posted 08:05 on 09 February 2007
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but blizzard never cancelled ghost here it came out about 3 years ago or just shortly after the first x box hell i can google it cost 50$ only console based but seing that i heard that it really sucks thank god it didnt come out on pc as i may have bought it
Posted 07:42 on 09 February 2007
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not sure if any 1 has a brain but sc was just made so they could get money for there beloved wc series they didnt think it would be as big as it has become
hell the original name of sc was war craft in space they decided to save the name (and of course decided that it was a lame name) its pretty obvious since they have put out what 5 wc and what 2 exp of wc and whats all this about sc ghost not come out ? it is out and has been out for a long time and maybe it does suck but it was such a huge project to realease a console based game they hired a out side companie that did most of the work on it

so i think we surprised them when we decided sc was so great and just maybe they know that sc made them what they are and they may just surprise the sh*t out of us and basicly realease it very quickly after they do finally announce it

btw i know i cant type or spell so flame baby flame good thing i have a parachute in this plane :p
Posted 07:25 on 09 February 2007
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Posted 14:08 on 08 February 2007
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zack: I ve never played Warcraft 3 so I wouldn t know(but probably it is cool) but surely Diablo games are Not gay! Diablo 3 all the way
Posted 09:12 on 05 February 2007
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