bbc iplayer1 -
bbc iplayer1 -

BBC iPlayer will not be available on Xbox One at launch, Microsoft has revealed.

iPlayer has been available on Xbox 360 since March 2012, and was one of the few apps that did not require an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Microsoft has yet to confirm reasons for iPlayer's removal on Xbox One but, in a statement provided to this morning, told fans to "stay tuned" for future announcements.

"At launch Xbox One will have more apps available than when we launched app experience on Xbox 360," said a Microsoft spokesperson. "We are working on a lot of great new and existing entertainment partnerships and will be regularly bringing new apps to Xbox One even faster than we were able to bring to Xbox 360. Stay tuned."

Microsoft announced the full list of apps coming to Xbox One between launch and spring 2014 earlier today.

Source: Microsoft Spokesperson

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Karlius's Avatar


It'll be there I'm sure both Sky and BBC are working on a new app that will utilise all the features of the xbox one system as was the original hold up with the 360 version.
Posted 13:54 on 08 November 2013
YGBjammy's Avatar


Suspect this is due to the same thing as before, which was that BBC has a policy of not putting their content behind a paywall, and at the end of the day BBC doesn't need Xbox to support them.
Posted 13:53 on 08 November 2013
Bloodstorm's Avatar


Still waiting on the manga UK app.
Posted 13:06 on 08 November 2013
FantasyMeister's Avatar


Preorder cancelled!
Posted 12:19 on 08 November 2013
IronMit's Avatar


The reason they don't want iplayer at launch is because they don't want xbone owners to get used to free content.

They did the same thing with xbox 360, when bbc were begging them to let them put on an iplayer app for free.

PS isn't blame free either - I think they had youtube...then they removed it (probably when they got revenue off their netflix/lovefilm apps)...and then at the end of the console cycle they have re-added it again.
Posted 11:49 on 08 November 2013
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